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Attack Abandoned Facility is a mission in Armored Core 2: Another Age.


Requester: Old Avalon Bureau of Control

Advance: 0

Upon success: 42000

Theater of operations: Hilda Abandoned Facility

Enemy forces: Unknown

Objective: Destruction of all enemy forces

File No: A-UK-6021

Code Name: Baby Baby

Client: Old Avalon BOC

Opponent: Unknown

Place: Hilda Abandoned Facility

Weather: Fair Weather

Mission Start Time: 12:00

Estimated Success Rate: 60%


The team we dispatched to the abandoned Hilda Facility has been
annihilated. They were sent on a fact finding mission concerning
research that Zio Matrix is conducting there.

According to the tragedy's sole survivor, the team was attacker by
"something" enormous.

We were skeptical, but then we saw what had been done to the pilot and
his AC. Whatever this thing was, it had no problem taking down a team
of highly trained professionals.

Information is still sketchy and there isn't nearly enough to
formulate a plan, but we must take action nonetheless.

Please enter the facility, identify the threat, and then eliminate it.
Anyone, or anything that opposes you should be considered hostile and
be dealt with appropriately.




Armored Core 2 Another Age Attack Abandoned Facility

This can either be a really easy mission or a really hard mission depending on your AC setup. The enemies you face in this mission are bio-weapons, so having a head with a bio-sensor is essential. The other thing is that, since the enemies in the level have a good bit of durability, it's best to bring hard-hitting weapons like bazookas or laser rifles. Since the enemies hardly move about and tend to be clustered in one area, it shouldn't be hard to get rid of them. The other thing you must take note of is the high heat stress produced from the enemies' shots. Having a good radiator/cooling performance will help greatly on this mission.


  • You should equip a head with a bio sensor for this mission.