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Mission icon Attack Anti-Satellite Cannons
"Attack Anti-Satellite Cannons"
General information
Client The League
Area Anti-Satellite Cannon Ehrenberg
Objective Destroy Ehrenberg + All Enemies
Reward 700,000c
Real world information
Game Armored Core: For Answer
Music "Today"

"Attack Anti-Satellite Cannons" is a mission in Chapter 4 of Armored Core: For Answer.


We have a mission for you.

We want you to neutralize the recently discovered ORCA anti-satellite batteries.

We've confirmed the base is protected by a defensive platoon, large fixed energy cannons, and at least one NEXT. This is clearly a major ORCA stronghold.

Your job is to take out the three anti-satellite batteries as well as any NEXTS that you encounter.

We are committed to bringing this mission to a successful conclusion. Therefore, we will provide support machines to assist you. Coordinate with them. They are all top Lynx.

ORCA is a threat to the social order; they must be stopped. Please, lend us your strength.



1x Neo Nidus 10x GA03-SOLARWIND (modifed with dual mistile packs) 1x 00-ARETHA (hard)



Serene Haze:Commence mission. Destroy the Ehrenberg anti-satellite batteries and eliminate any enemy NEXTS. Be on your guard for enemy NEXTS.

Risaia:Ruler reporting. Looks like I'm on your side today. Let's just get on with this, okay?

Roadie:This is GA's NEXT, Feedback reporting. I've heard all about you, Lynx. Carry out this mission as you see fit. Don't worry about this old bastard here.

Stiletto:Stiletto here. Let's go. We're both Lynx. We don't need to babysit each other. Do whatever you want, because that's what I'm doing.

Neo Nidus:Malzel's recruits have their work cut out for them today. The League is serious about eliminating these batteries. I guess we'll see just how committed to the cause they really are... This operation will separate the wheat from the chaff.

Serene Haze:Anti-satellite battery destroyed. Two remain.

Risaia:The enemy NEXT is armed with a Torus assault cannon. It's firepower exceeds standard weaponry. Don't get hit.

Roadie:Ah, new model Kojima weaponry eh? Not the fastest attack, but a few hits can be fatal. Take care to evade them.

Stiletto:An assault cannon? Those Torus bastards!

Risaia:It's getting too hot out here...

Risaia:What a joke, back on the defensive? The beginning of the end for you, I imagine.

Neo Nidus:Ah, so you're a Lynx after all. I guess that's why Thermidor holds you in high regard.

Neo Nidus:Damn it, is this the end of the line for me? Malzel, finish this.

Roadie:These guys never change.

Serene Haze:Confirmed. Enemy NEXTS destroyed. Now for the Ehrenberg batteries. There's nothing stopping you now. Let's end this, quickly.

Serene Haze:Anti-satellite battery destroyed. One remains.

Serene Haze:(Hard Mode) Enemy reinforcements inbound. Is that...a prototype NEXT? I can't believe they're deploying that relic... they must be desperate. Watch it. It's maneuvers are non-standard.

Serene Haze:Confirmed all targets destroyed. Mission complete.

Risaia:Mission over. The shattered dreams of the powerless. Sad, isn't it?

Roadie:But, anti-satellite batteries? It's hard not to question what's going on here...

Stiletto:I'm done? You double back too much. You're dragging us down.

Post-Mission Briefing[]

Lilium Wolcott:As you've observed, we've managed to hold our ground to a certain extent, but the battlefield momentum appears to be in ORCA's favor.

Lilium Wolcott:It's only a matter of time before ORCA takes control of all the Arteria bases.

Lilium Wolcott:However, we just received some intelligence from Omer Science. ORCA's main force has been located inside Big Box, the former Global Armaments HQ.

Lilium Wolcott:This is the reason you've all been called in here today.

Roadie:The Box eh?

Wong Shao-Lung:Are you in, Roadie? You should be familiar enough with the terrain.

Wynne D. Fanchon:No... I'll take care of it. They're too drunk on their own pride. We can't let this mission drag on.

Wong Shao-Lung:Hm. As you wish.

Wong Shao-Lung:I'll provide support.

Wynne D. Fanchon:Excellent. Thank you Wong Shao-Lung. Your help would be most appreciated.



Armored Core For Answer Attack Anti-Satellite Cannons

First of all, wingmen. They get in the way of a good score to be honest. Ruler is too weak and after one or two hits from anything (except the normals) will finish her off, and the other two just spam alot before dying, but Roadie is good for the banter. Now, the cannon themselves are defenseless, however they are surrounded on each side by four towers that have a small pillbox at the top with very powerful and accurate laser blasts that hurt like all hell if you get hurt and make getting an S a pain in the ass! The best thing to do for the first one is to over boost, and stay mobile and high, as they do have a limited firing angle. Take down these laser cannons before the cannon as when you move on they will keep firing on you (all 12 combined have a line of sight on about 90% of the battle field.) To take out the cannon itself, smash the core of the tower until you see the big explosion. After the first one is down, Neo will engage you. Stay mobile and at a distance to stay alive. He's heavily armoured and his shots are very powerful, but he's slow, so if you keep moving you'll be harder to hit and ensure to keep him at a distance as his Assault Armor is devastating. Once he's done, move to the second cannon (the one on the right). There is a large lake in the middle and a small island with alot of normals on it, you don't have to take them down, but do be aware they will spam missiles, but I advise not bothering with the risk (as the cannon's support lasers will be able to hit you). I say take the one on the right as there is a big bit of raised land, so OB to this, take cover and recover your booster, then boost over to the second. Do the same for the third one, use the cover of the land to dodge the lasers. S rank advice: The key to the S rank lies in the cannon's support guns. If you get hit, you'll not get one, simple. You'll take damage from the NEXT and normals but add in the devastating power of the cannons and your AP will fall too low. Use a blade for everything bit the NEXT and you'll cut down on ammo costs.


Same as above, but once the third cannon is destroyed a prototype NEXT shows up to give you hell. It does have a large cannon but tends to use the gatling gun (or 6 as it has) to shoot you down. Keep your distance and hit it hard (I suggest spread missiles).