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Attack Chrome HQ is a mission in Armored Core: Master of Arena.


Sender: Lana Nielsen

Requester: -

Reward: 0

Theater of operations: Chrome Corporate HQ

Enemy forces: Sub-Arena AC Hercules

Objective: Destroy AC in 3 minutes

Mission Area: Isaac City

Mission Scene: Chrome Corporate HQ

Safety Level: 97


Your target is a Raven recently hired by Chrome, Isaac City's largest corporation. The Raven is Hercules, a member of the Sub-Arena.

He has signed a long-term contract with Chrome as a guard at their Corporate HQ.

Chrome already has a complex security system in place, the Raven has been hired to put
additional pressure on anyone attempting to breach their HQ.

I can take care of the security system, but not the Raven. We have three minutes tops, you must
destroy him within that time frame.



Bugzy: "Unbelievable! He’s coming right at us."

Lana Nielsen: "Time limit 3 minutes. You must destroy the target before the countdown ends. The enemy’s missiles are powerful. Be careful."

Lana Nielsen: "Time is up. Retreat!"


This mission is fairly simple due to Armored Core's being weaker than yours in the original games. A weapon like the KARASAWA or another energy weapon is highly recommended as you don't get paid. If you are playing through the first time, then you get 50,000c for a sponsorship but if you're going back to unlock one of the extra arenas, then you need to conserve as much money as possible. Bugzy isn't that dangerous as his weapons are toned down.


  • This is the only mission in Armored Core: Master of Arena that mentions Chrome.