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Attack Navis' Mine is a mission in Armored Core: Nexus.

Attack Navis Mine

Pin Fire preparing to fight The Raven.


Client: Mirage

Details: Remove defense forces. Destroy all targets in the operation area.

Advance: 0c

Reward: 230000c

Area: Borbos Mine

Remarks: --



Operator:Destroy all targets.

Pin Fire:Your time is at hand, Raven.

Raven System:AC Bullet Life identified. The target equips multiple spread shot weapons. Close range combat is not advised.

Operator:Raven, take down that AC.

Pin Fire:I can't have miscalculated! What's going wrong!?

Pin Fire:How can this be!?


You will start off by facing a bunch of pulse weapon firing MTs, not too difficult but they can prove to be annoying to take care of so move quickly. Once you have taken out a bunch of them, Pin Fire will appear.

Be sure to avoid his missiles as he will fire them right away and they can do a lot of damage. At the same time, keep away from him as his dual FINGER machine guns can shred AP very quickly at close range. Due to his tendency to remain near the lower levels of the map terrain, vertical missiles and cluster missiles work best on Pin Fire. In addition, other rapid fire weapons such as the WH79M2 gatling machine gun work well against him, as well as laser rifles. Pin Fire will switch to his chaingun after the FINGERs are spent.

Pin Fire can be quite cumbersome to target as he tends to stick to the lower level of the map, where trying to get a clear shot at him allows him to get a clear shot at you. Your best bet would be to find an obstacle nearby to take cover from once he opens fire, and the only such obstacle that will persist under fire are the archs above the trenches.