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Attack Rektena Installation is a mission in Armored Core 2.


Requester: Emeraude

Advance: 0

Upon success: 34000

Theater of operations: Rektena Installation

Enemy forces: Cannons, Fighter Planes

Objective: Destroy facility and all rektena devices

File No: T-CC-0105

Code Name: Fire Fly

Client: Emeraude

Opponent: Zio Matrix

Place: Rektena Installation

Weather: Fair Weather

Mission Start Time: 2:00

Estimated Success Rate: 71%


Please attack Zio Matrix's energy-collection facility.

The target is the Rektena installation in the Hellas Plain. Solar
devices blanket the area, collecting sunlight and converting it into
energy for use in the major Martian cities.

The goal is to undermine the public trust in Zio Matrix by destroying
their ability to supply a necessary commodity...power. Destroy the
facility and all Rektena devices.

The facility is guarded by cannons and a squadron of fighter planes.
Therefore, we will be attacking at night. When we should encounter less

We will also be assembling an MT support team to provide you with
cover. Failure is not an option. As a Raven, I'm sure you understand.


  • 6 Gun Battery
  • 4 Ladybird
  • 6 Rektena devices



Radio Operator: "We’ve arrived at the target area. Commencing AC drop."

Nell: "An MT platoon, supplied by our client, will accompany us on this mission. They are unmanned, so their loss is of little concern. Use them to your advantage."

Nell: "MT-1 destroyed."

Nell: "MT-2 destroyed."


This is a rather easy mission, you just need to destroy all of the Rektena devices to complete the mission. Destroying the airplanes and the gun turrets in the mission are just additional cash bonuses for you.

The MTs supplied for you in the mission are rather useless, so just go ahead and do your thing, don't bother with them.


  • You get an additional 500 for each Fighter Jet and an additional 200 for each gun battery destroyed.



Armored Core 2 Atteck Rektena Installation


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