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Attack Research Team is a mission in Armored Core 2.


Requester: Strung

Advance: 65000

Upon success: 0

Theater of operations: Falna Crater

Enemy forces: Unknown

Objective: Destroy all enemy forces

File No: R-HM-0659

Code Name: Night Flyer

Client: Strung

Opponent: Zio Matrix

Place: Falna Crater

Weather: Magnetic Storm

Mission Start Time: 11:05

Estimated Success Rate: 44%


I'm seeking partners for a mission I've accepted.

The mission's objective is to attack Zio's research team stationed in
Falna Crater. It appears that they are investigating a spaceship that
crashed there.

Magnetic storms are at their peak in the area. These storms will
render all electronic equipment, including radar, useless. We must
locate our enemies visually.

The enemies are numerous, so it will be a difficult fight. I hope you
are up to the challenge.

I've prepared a substantial reward, which I will pay you prior to the
mission. I'm waiting for you.



  • 1 Transport Truck


Radio Operator: "We’ve arrived at the target area. Leaving the area of operations."

Strung: "It’s been a while. Thanks for coming. I’m on the other side of the hill. Together we’ll ambush the enemy platoon. Let’s go."

Strung: "There are a number of enemy MTs and Guards. The mission is to eliminate all hostile units. AC Holy Mother detected. It’s piloted by a Raven working for the Zio Corporation."

Strung: "Good work. It looks like they’ve all been destroyed. I still cannot believe what an exceptional pilot you have become. I guess Klein wasn’t wrong after all...You are too dangerous. You must be eliminated."

Strung: "Aaaaargh! K...Klein..."


The briefing is only half-true. While it is true that the magnetic storm will affect your radar function, in reality, you are the ONLY ONE dealing with the enemies in the mission, Strung doesn't actually do diddly-squat to help. Moreover, there's another Raven to take care of in the mission. Although the AC itself isn't hard to dispatch, that is not where the real threat lies. It lies when after you have disposed of all the enemies, Strung makes a comment about you being dangerous and betrays you. That's when you are forced to fight him. If you have already taken a significant amount of damage from before, this may be a disadvantage to you, as Strung is rather relentless in his attacks and will punish you hard if you take him lightly. He will mostly rain down missiles from a distance and use his bazooka at closer ranges. He also likes to fly. Since the storm in the area renders your radar useless, you'll have to acquire him visually and this can be hard when Strung is flying. Wait for him to land and then hit as hard as you can when he does. Preferably use weapons like middle missiles or other powerful missiles to bring him down as his mobility isn't that great for dodging missiles.


  • Strung turns on you after all other enemies have been destroyed.
  • Due to the magnetic storm your radar will not function for this mission.



Armored Core 2 Attack Research Team


Armored Core 2 -41- - Boosters upgrade + Attack Research Team