Remains of Another Layered
Attack Unexplored Region is the final mission of Silent Line: Armored Core.


Requester: Global Cortex

Advance: 150000c

Upon success: 0

Operation Area: Remains of Another Layered

Enemy Forces: Unknown

Objective: Destroy signal source

Operation Code: Vital Signs

Client Name: Global Cortex

Place Name: Remains of Another Layered

Start Time: 01:00

Security Level: 10

Estimated Success Rate: 01%

Recommended Raven Rank: -


We've completed our analysis of information acquired by the research team during their exploration of the old fortress. A passage leading to a new subterranean Layered was uncovered.

A representative from the Artificial Intelligence Office is thought to be on-site and we've confirmed that the signals responsible for recent equipment disruptions originate there as well.

What is going on at this location? Might the AI scientist somehow be involved in recent events?

The only way we can hope to answer these questions is to go see for ourselves.

We're sending you into the facility to act as our eyes and ears in this matter. Locate the source of the signal and destroy whatever it is that's producing it. Good luck.



Emma:Raven... your signal...

Sera:I'm waiting...

Emma:Sera's voice...?

Emma:Raven... the connection is breaking up...

Sera:Checking serial number...XA-26483.


Sera:Security disabled...

IBIS:Establishing connection...


IBIS:Switching modes... Engaging final directive...

IBIS:System phase 22-4...Engaged...

IBIS:Scanning target...

IBIS:Target scan in progress... Adapting systems...

IBIS:Scan complete...

IBIS:Confirmation check...

IBIS:Disconnecting... Reverting to safe mode... Main system shutdown...

IBIS:XA-26483... My function is complete...Raven...

IBIS:The rest is up to you...

Emma:Raven can you hear me...?

Emma:Raven...please copy, over...


Ok, so for the final mission of this game, it's very similar to the final level of Master of Arena and Armored Core 2, if you notice the level...

So first off, when you begin, you have to head the first hallway, head to up to the door leading to the next large hallway. Along the way laser gun turrets will pop up from the ceiling. Don't fire immediately, they take time to fully come out and won't sustain damage right away. So once you get a red lock-on on them, destroy them. There're 2 when you enter and 2 more further down near the next door.

And here's where the difficult part begins, after heading through that next door, you encounter a Big White AC. As you'd expect, he will not hesitate to blast you right in your face with his weapons, so dodge the hell out of the shots! It's definitely not easy to because of the confined space you fight it in, but you have to, or you'll be courting your own death.

For non OP-I users, it is recommended to have weapons that have a high rate of fire or high powered weapons, machine guns, rifles, laser rifles and missiles work best against it. However, do note that there is another Big White you have to face in the later part of the level, so be sure not to waste all of your ammo on the first one. Bipedal or quad legs do best on this mission, although it's not recommended to use heavy biped legs, as the Big White is fast enough to be able to outmaneuver you and you'll be in for a hell of a beating. For OP-I users, chain guns, laser cannons, grenade launchers and pulse cannons work best against it. Blades work too but is generally not advised due to the fact that its in a confined space, and the Big White is known to use its blade more frequently than in the earlier missions.

After defeating the first Big White, head through the following door. There will be more gun turrets, only this time they appear from the wall instead of the ceiling. Take them out and then head through the next door. There will be an elevator that will lead you to the lower level. After the elevator stops, head through the door that is right there, and there will be more gun turrets appearing from both the wall and ceiling this time. Take them out, and there is the last door you enter from the hallway. Enter it, and there's a 2nd Big White waiting for you. Make sure that you still have enough ammo to take it out (although it's not actually compulsory to take it down), otherwise you will then have to solely focus on dodging his shots and releasing the gate locks that will open up the panels in the middle, and it will lead you down a chamber. At the bottom of the chamber, there is another door. Head through it, and there will be multiple doors that will open up. At the very end, there's the door that will then lead you to the 2nd part of the mission, where you'll face IBIS.

So here comes the 2nd part, your AP is restored to full health, you are on an elevator to the area where IBIS is waiting. The unit then engages its final directive and enters system phase 22-4, at which he will commence his attack.

iBIS will start off by firing his energy pods that are on its "wings", this attack is rather avoidable as he will fire in the direction you're moving, simply change directions abruptly to avoid it. But above all, do not stand still! If you do, he will fire a continuous laser beam (simllar to the one the Aerial Pulverizers use but doesn't follow) in your path, which will do serious damage to you. He will also resort to using this attack if you attempt to get up close to his face and blade him, so it's generally not advised to resort to blade combat with him, unless you have enough energy defense to compensate, as the IBIS mainly uses energy weapons.

The strategy to face this guy is actually not very far off from facing the Big White. Simply strafe to avoid his plasma/laser rifle shots and his laser blade too (the IBIS has its own custom laser blade that can easily strip off 1k+ AP) and avoid the energy pod lasers too (there're about 16 of them, 8 on each "wing", so they can deal serious damage if all hits.) Most weapons are viable to use against him, and after he takes a certain amount of punishment, he will say "Scanning target", at which point where he will lose his "wings" (along with his energy pods) and resort to mid-to-close range combat with his plasma/laser rifle and blade. During this time, he will also say "Target scan in progress...adapting systems...". This is the point where he will adapt to your playstyle (depending on what type of AC you are using) and deploy hit-and-run tactics or attempting to outmaneuver you. He will also move in irregular patterns to throw you off guard, so stay on your toes. This is the point where he will also attempt to close in to strike with his blade, so be sure to avoid that too.

After he takes even more punishment, he will say "Scan complete", which is simply a more aggressive approach where he fires his plasma/laser rifle more frequently and does not close in as much, although it's not really of any difference from earlier. This is also the point where the IBIS is almost down, so just finish him off with whatever you have left and there will be a cutscene that plays afterward where he hands over the fate of humanity of the 2nd Layered into your hands, this is where the mission is over.


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