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B1037F M-Type

B1037F M-type Life form

B1037F M-Type is the unofficial fan name for a large biological tank that appears in Silent Line: Armored Core.


The B1037F M-Type is a biologically engineered enemy much larger than an AC. Its weapons include two side plasma cannons that it charges via its lower pores, and a very large central plasma cannon which it reveals beneath a sort of skin flap. What is strange is that the actual central cannon appears to be made of metal suggesting a bio engineered organism. The life form is quite dangerous and can almost immediately raise an ACs temperature to dangerous levels with only a few shots. It has very low mobility and relies on its offspring units to pursue the enemy firing nonstop. Its carapace is resilient and can take a number of hits before being destroyed.


  • Dual Side Plasma Cannons
  • Large Central Plasma Cannon


The B1037F M-Type lifeform appears as a boss enemy in the following mission:


  • Name comes from a Japanese website and the translation is pending.