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Bail Out - Emblem

Bail Out's Emblem

Bail Out, also known as Fragile in Japanese (フラージル) is a Raven in Armored Core: Nexus. He is ranked 20th in the Arena.


In-Game Information:

Heavyweight two-leg AC design with exceptional firepower , but limited mobility performance. Although slow, the unit is not to be underestimated. Bail Out is a Raven whose AC was stolen by a Crest resistance force. It is unknown whether his AC was stolen without his knowledge or whether he may have been killed in action.

AC Ruin (US)/The Ruin (JP)[]

Ruin (The Ruin in Japanese, ダ・ルーイン) is a heavyweight bipedal AC equipped with side shield extensions, a dual back grenade launcher and lineargun weapon arms. The unit has to kneel in order to use its back grenade launcher as it does not have OP-INTENSIFY.

AC Ruin

AC Ruin



This guy is fairly easy. His only real threat lies in his weapon arms, but he isn't highly accurate with them, so it should not be too difficult. He is also hardly seen to kneel to use his grenade launcher so that shouldn't be a problem.

Since he is a heavy bipedal, it is best if you can use hard-hitting weapons to take him out.