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Mission icon BALD-DORA

Bald-Dora Mission Icon

Bald-Dora is a mission in the second chapter of Armored Core 4.



  • Damage: 20800 AP (21800 AP on hard mode)
  • Ammo Use: N/A
  • Mission Time: 270 seconds


Old Gelts'a Fortress Turret

The Fortress

Let's confirm the mission.

The Maghrib Liberation Front is White Africa's largest anti-establishment group. You'll attack their fortress in former Gelts'a - take out the entire squad of guards.'

The Old Gelts'a Fortress is a holdover from the wars of ethnic cleansing. It's a natural stronghold, protected by the canyon's walls.

The fort's defensive forces should be scant, but remember that the old large-barrel fixed cannons set along the canyon boast impressive power and range.

Those are your orders.


The player begins the mission on the far side of the canyon to the Gelts'a fortress. The objective is to either fight through or bypass the majority of the enemy forces and reach the fortress to deal with its primary guard force; a squad of Normals. While the heavy gun emplacements are typically regarded as a greater threat, they do not need to be destroyed in order to complete the mission. The mission ends once all of the enemy Normals are destroyed.

Hard Mode Differences: The fort's defenses are thicker, with additional gun turrets placed along the canyon floor. However, there are still only five Normals that the player must defeat to complete the objective.


Long-Range Cannon

One of Gelts'a Fortress' Long-Range Cannons


Fiona Jarnefeldt:You'll be entering the fortress's fixed cannon firing range shortly. Keep an eye out for cannon fire.

Fiona Jarnefeldt:The former Gelts'a fortress is ahead. A defensive force of Normals is in place. Take them all out.

Fiona Jarnefeldt:Three enemy Normals left. Just a little more now!

Fiona Jarnefeldt:One remaining Normal. This is the last of them.

Fiona Jarnefeldt:Destruction of all defensive force units confirmed. The mission was a success. Good work. Head back.