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Balena is a corporation that featured in Armored Core 2 and Armored Core 2: Another Age. It is one of the second generation corporations that succeeded the corporate groups of the Subterranean Era.


Balena is not as well established as Zio Matrix or Emeraude, although they still command a sizeable amount of military power and can hold their own in conflict against the other corporations.

Armored Core 2Edit

Balena followed Zio and Emeraude to Mars in hopes of establishing themselves on a more equal footing than they had on Earth at the time. However, Balena's Earth Division was unwilling to give their Mars Expedition the same level of resources as their corporate rivals, resulting in Balena having much less power on Mars than they did on Earth.

In the wake of this development, Balena began to seek power through more manipulative means, doing business with both Zio Matrix and Emeraude, even after the two larger groups engaged in a bloody war for control of the Martian surface. After the LCC arrived on Mars, Balena went into business with them as well, outfitting the Frighteners with Armored Core components that they wouldn't have had access to otherwise. As a result, Balena Earth also entered into a strong cooperative stance with the Earth Government.

Balena initially attempted to keep their efforts a secret from the other groups, but after the LCC fell due to the Frighteners' betrayal, the company's links to the government on both Earth and Mars were exposed. Balena Mars was wiped out by the Disorders unleashed by Leos Klein.

Armored Core 2: Another AgeEdit

In the wake of the Frighteners' actions, Balena's ties to both Zio Matrix and Emeraude are severed, as neither group wants to do business with government co-conspirators. Balena nonetheless manages to gain power on Earth due to the actions of the other Corporations on Mars, and through their own ties to the Earth Government. However, Balena continues to play multiple sides in the various conflicts, as they are also secretly supplying the Indies Rebel Group in its efforts against the Earth Government.


Introduced in Armored Core 2Edit






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Introduced in Armored Core 2: Another AgeEdit




  • There are a total of 27 parts manufactured by Balena, that puts them behind Emeraude and Zio Matrix by far.