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Balsa Mina - Emblem

Balsa Mina's Emblem

Balsa Mina is a Raven in Armored Core: Nine Breaker. He is ranked 17th in the Arena.


Built for speed and agility, this AC unit is an excellent example of a hit-and-move design. Opponents unfamiliar with the pilot's tactics don't stand a chance.

AC Gun Burst[]

Gun Burst is a quad-legged AC equipped with two identical micro-missile launchers on the back, a pair of shotguns as its arm weapons and an overboost core.

AC Gun Burst

AC Gun Burst


Balsa Mina will move toward you at a glacial pace while attempting to hit you with his micro missiles, which aren't highly accurate and can be avoided easily. His shotguns also require him to be at close-range to be fully effective, so keeping a distance from him is recommended. Due to the weapon configuration of this AC, Balsa Mina is somewhat of a pushover compared to other Rankers, and can be easily outclassed with adequate firepower. Also, he does not have OP-INTENSIFY, meaning he is vulnerable to overheating. Take advantage of this and use weapons that can deal high thermal stress, you should be able to defeat Balsa Mina without much effort. And if that is not enough, take note that Gun Burst lacks any auxillary equipment in inside or extension slots, so its missile defense is weak in result - and Balsa Mina will happily eat any volume of missiles you throw at him, while he attempts his foolhardy rushing tactics.