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"We're just here for the laughs. Wonder how long this one'll last."
— Barry Bull
Barry Bull
Barry Bull
General information
Gender Male
Age 43
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation None
Occupation Mercenary
Craft H-Bomb
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core: Verdict Day

Barry Bull is a mercenary who appears in mission 08-3 of Armored Core: Verdict Day with Ray Shark.


Origin: Fat Rocks. Male, age 43.

A member of the mercenary hyper-elite, his skill was unquestionable. Equally common knowledge, though, was his reputation as a war nut. Nicknamed "Dozer," he was infamous for extreme acts of destruction when fighting skilled opponents. He actively sought contracts likely to present him with worthy foes, prioritizing pleasure over the size of the reward.

Confirmed killed in action: Old Uriae.

AC H-Bomb[]

H-Bomb is a heavy armor heavy bipedal unit that emphasizes defense and firepower. The unit is equipped with a rifle and a pulse machine gun as its main weapons, as well as a sniper rifle and battle rifle as hangar weapons. The unit is also equipped with KE vertical missile launchers, allowing to dish out a barrage of gunfire from nearly any range.

Classification: Armored Core
Armored Core Verdict Day Screenshot 2016-07-06 14-14-23

Assembly Type


KE: 1434
CE: 2176
TE: 2773


Head: Hd-G-A88
Core: Co-D-S29
Arms: AB-107D Barry Bull
Legs: AOI mdl.2 Barry Bull

Recon Unit:

Shoulder Unit: SU09 Jellyfish
R Arm Unit: KURETAKE mdl.2

Rapid Fire:

L Arm Unit: AM/BRA-224

Rapid Fire:

Ultimate Weapon: -
R Bay Unit: AM/RFB-215

Power: -
Rapid Fire: -
Accuracy: -

L Bay Unit: HATSUKARI mdl.2

Power: -
Rapid Fire: -
Accuracy: -

Total Weight:
Recoil Resistance:
Turning Performance:
Energy Recovery:
Repair Cost:

AP: 43786
Total Load:
Loading Capacity:
Total EN Consumption:
EN Output:



  • Barry Bull's nickname "Dozer" could be a reference to a Lynx in Armored Core For Answer named Champion Champs who piloted a NEXT called Killdozer.


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