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Barry Manx is an AI Ranker in the Last Raven VR Arena. Its rank is 8.

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AC B. Boss[]

Heavyweight, two-leg design that is more about style than function. Unit equips hard hitting weapons, but is lacking in defense and mobility. Equipped with 2 identical large missile launchers as its back weapons, a pair of grenade rifles as its main weapons and an Overboost core. Unit is able to boost for extended periods of time due to the aid of OP-INTENSIFY.


The AC's heavy weight can be his own disadvantage, even though it possesses a powerful OB core. However, his dual grenade launchers give him a very small targeting reticule and mobile AC's can evade his large missiles. It can be best to take him out quickly with hard hitting weapons, or to slowly chip away at his AP while dodging his attacks. Otherwise, he serves as a fairly easy opponent to experienced players, while he can decimate unwary pilots.



The AC's name could be a reference to the pilot's personal insignia: A gangster with a cigar to evoke the classic mafia mob boss. It could also reference the character Big Boss from the Metal Gear Series.


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