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The Battle at the Abandoned City was an event that occured in the mission "Marche Au Supplice."


The Battle at the Abandoned City occurred as a result of the ongoing Lynx War between Rayleonard and the other corporations and involved an attack by Omer's NEXT Null (piloted by Mido Auriel), Rosenthal's Noblesse Oblige (Piloted by Leonhardt) and Anatolia's Mercenary against Rayleonard's and Akvavit's squad of elite NEXTs Supplice (piloted by Berlioz), Red Cap (Piloted by Unseel), Roughcut (piloted by Zanni), and Hilarios (Piloted by P.Dam).

The Rayleonard NEXTs were believed to be attempting to carry out some aspect of the Closed Plan at this battle, probably involving an attempt to defeat as many Nexts from the GA/Omer/Rosenthal alliance as possible to prevent further attacks on the company's Ehrenburg Cannon facilities.


Taking Normal Mode as canon, Anatolia's Mercenary arrived in time to assist Mido Auriel and Leonhardt in defeating Berlioz's squad of elite NEXTs. However, if one takes Hard Mode as canon, Anatolia's Mercenary arrived just as his allies were defeated and was forced to fight and defeat all four enemy NEXTs by himself.

Regardless, the ultimate outcome of the battle was that Anatolia's Mercenary emerged as the only surviving Lynx. Having lost their primary force of NEXTs, especially their trump card, Berlioz, the Rayleonard group was seriously weakened, leaving both them and Akvavit open for attack.


  • In AC4, Fiona Jarnefeldt often refers to the Abandoned City as the "Former Peace City" area.
  • Although in total only 6 NEXTs are encountered here (two friendly, 4 hostile) more may have been present and killed before the player arrived. This would explain why some NEXTs are never fought by the player and never seen in AC:FA.