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Beacon is an MT pilot in Silent Line: Armored Core.


He piloted a gray camouflage Huglion MT which was primarily equipped for long range combat. Unlike other Huglion MTs, his did not feature a stealth system. He does not advance to become an AC pilot.

He appears during the following missions as a consort:

MT Criminal[]

MT Criminal

MT Criminal

An MT design that incorporates long-range missiles as its primary means of attack. While also equipped with a machine gun, the pilot is reluctant to engage in close-range battle and prefers fighting from a distance.

MT Criminal Specifications[]

Name: Beacon

MT Name: Criminal

MT Type: Hover missile MT

Armament/s: Rapid Fire Missile Launchers, Machine Gun

AP: 3,200

Tactical Style: Entering Lock-On Range, firing and pulling back. Strafing while firing.

Strengths: Long range combat, slower enemies

Weaknesses: Close range combat, missile enemies, fast enemies


In the mission Protect Power Plant, if the Raven is quick enough at defeating every enemy as they appear, Beacon will call out a compliment halfway through the mission.