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Bernard and Felix Foundation
General information
Classification Corporation
Affiliation and corporate information
Specialty Long Range Weaponry, Targeting Electronics
Products NEXTs
Long Range Weapons
Known employees Eugene
Lilium Wolcott
Mary Shelley
Wong Shao Lung
Eras present National Dismantlement War
Lynx War
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core 4
Armored Core: For Answer

The Bernard and Felix Foundation (BFF) is a European company that is known for their precise weaponry. They play a significant role in the events of Armored Core 4 and Armored Core: For Answer.


Bernard and Felix Foundation held an incredible amount of power in Europe leading up to the National Dismantlement War. They involved themselves in the war, quickly becoming one of the most prominent companies. Throughout their early history, and all the way up to the Lynx War, they had a deeply adversarial relationship with Global Armaments (GA).

Although BFF is best known for their precise long-range weapons and targeting electronics, they have also cornered the market as a naval manufacturer. They have been responsible for designing most warships and tankers aside from Omer's submarine class. This is most clearly represented by the 8th Fleet and their powerful BFF Battleships.

Despite not being a primary innovator in the field of Kojima technology, BFF is responsible for several major Kojima-related designs such as the Sphere Facilities, and a unique, specialized Normal capable of withstanding Kojima radiation intense enough to destroy a NEXT.

Armored Core 4[]

During the events of Armored Core 4, BFF skirmished with GA and its allies multiple times. The Raven was one of the LYNX that both GA and BFF employed in fighting one another. This is most notable when The Raven was ordered to defend a BFF tanker against Omer-based submarines in the Antarctic Ocean.

In the early phases of the Lynx War (Chapter 4 of AC4), BFF and GA engaged in full warfare against one another, with GA ultimately coming out victorious. This is primarily due to the fact that The Raven was contracted to take out BFF's mobile sea-based HQ, Queens Lance. This attack cost them their top leadership, however their larger infrastructure remained intact. The company was able to restore operations with the support of GA, who also emerged as one of the victors from the later phases of the Lynx War.

Armored Core: For Answer[]

Through nationalistic centripetal force they were able to regain their once lost assets and become the second largest company in the European region by the time of Armored Core: For Answer. During the Economic War Phase (Chapters 1-3) of For Answer, BFF's new leadership sided with GA, who was unable to dominate within the League, and has since begun to operate independently. By this, BFF's weaponry has been shown to be much more fragile than it was during the Lynx War, and newer designs lack the quality the company was once known for. This collapse in quality is illustrated most clearly by their only Arms Fort, the Spirit of Motherwill, which despite (or perhaps because of) its heavy armaments, is structurally flawed, causing massive internal fires to occur when its outer gun turrets and missile centers are destroyed.

Lynx Employed (Lynx, NEXT)[]

Lynx Name Next Name Rank Original Current Status Appearances
Eugene Helix II 20 Yes KIA, killed by Anatolia's Mercenary in Silent Avalanche AC4
Francisca Helix I 19 Yes KIA, killed by Anatolia's Mercenary in Silent Avalanche AC4
Iakchos Anima 34 No Alive AC4
Lilium Wolcott Ambient 2 No KIA, killed by the Raven in Defend Anti-Satellite Cannons (ORCA Path)/ Occupation of Arteria Carpals (Destruction Path) AC:FA
Mary Shelley Prometheus 5 Yes KIA, killed by Anatolia's Mercenary in Empress AC4
Unseel Red Cap 15 Yes KIA, killed by Anatolia's Mercenary in Marche Au Supplice AC4
Wong Shao Lung Strix Quadruped 8 Yes Alive AC4



Arms Forts[]


Introduced in Armored Core 4[]


Part ID Price Weight EN Cost Unlocked Notes
047AN02 235,000C 460 1050 Shop Middle-weight product offering well-balanced defense.


Part ID Price Weight EN Cost Unlocked Notes
047AN01 545,000C 3070 2470 Shop Middleweight part with a focus on defense.


Part ID Price Weight EN Cost Unlocked Notes
047AN03 395,000C 2980 2330 Shop A part with very high firing precision for sniping.


Part ID Price Leg Type Weight EN Cost Unlocked Notes
047AN04 395,000C Biped 5310 5220 Shop Biped legs with firing stability for sniping.
049AN04 445,000C Quadruped 6280 7190 Shop Quad legs for heavy snipers, for turning and stability.


Part ID Price Weight EN Cost Unlocked Notes
047AN05 58,000C 40 498 Shop Long-range combat part for lock-on radius and sighting.

Arm Weapons[]

Part ID Price Weapon Type Weight EN Cost Unlocked Notes
047ANNR 75,000C Rifle 685 145 Shop A no-frills standard rifle, built for maximum firing range.
047ANSR 120,000C Sniper Rifle 1296 98 Shop Extreme long-distance weapon favoring range over control.
050ANSR 1,000,000C Sniper Rifle 1588 116 Empress (Normal Mode) A new sniper rifle, upgraded to perfection.
051ANNR 425,000C Rifle 1080 226 Shop A highly accurate new rifle, redesigned from the ground up.

Back Weapon[]

Part ID Price Weapon Type Weight EN Cost Unlocked Notes
047ANR 100,000C Radar 716 479 Shop Radar for long-range combat, with broader sighting range.
050ANR 200,000C Radar 911 621 Shop A remodeled long-range radar with higher overall specs.
049ANSC 250,000C Sniper Cannon 2558 122 Shop A standard sniper cannon with power and long range.
050ANSC 1,050,000C Sniper Cannon 2716 118 Finish SDBFF RANK-A Data Pack A modified sniper cannon with boosted size and strength.

Shoulder Weapon[]

Part ID Price Weapon Type Weight EN Cost Unlocked Notes
048ANEM 400,000C ECM Maker 447 665 Shop An improved static ECM emitter with better radar jamming.
051ANAM 275,000C Flare 642 416 Shop Newer flares with more reliable missile misdirection.
051ANEM 950,000C ECM Maker 845 711 Marche Au Supplice (Normal Mode) Plants a static ECM emitter into the ground.


Part ID Price Stabilizer


Weight EN


Unlocked Rectification
047AN01001 20000C Rear 35 63 Shop 465
047AN01002 30000C Rear 31 59 Shop 270
047AN04001 12500C Front 44 84 Shop 225
047AN04002 22500C Front 32 61 Shop 140
047AN04101 15000C Rear 61 128 Shop 225
047AN04102 25000C Rear 47 83 Shop 140

Introduced in Armored Core: For Answer[]