Big Fat Daddy is an AI Ranker in the Last Raven VR Arena. Its rank is 12.

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AC ParadisoEdit

Heavyweight, reverse-joint AC design emphasizing defensive capability. The unit performs best when engaging opponents from mid-range. Equipped with the triple shot AST linear rifle and a rifle as its main weapons, a micro missile laucher, a back radar and relay missile extensions. The unit is also equipped with inside missile decoys and a solid-shell E.O. core for additional firepower.


This guy can be a fairly nasty foe due to the damage output he deals coupled along with his high durability, this can already make the fight unbelievably hard. However, unlike the majority of the Ravens in the VR Arena, he does not have OP-INTENSIFY, so it IS possible to overheat him and get him grounded. He is not very agile or quick but he is pretty tough, so conventional firepower will not work on this guy. It's best to have extra ammo when fighting him. The area you fight him in is quite cramped, so there's a high chance that he barely misses his shots, which is why it is important you have the defense and AP to withstand his punishment or the mobility to avoid them.

Often he will start off the battle by firing his missiles (they do hurt if they hit so remember to dodge!) before switching back to his linear rifle+rifle combo which can also deal a lot of damage. This is the most crucial moment as getting hit by too many of his shots will mean your defeat is at hand. As for the weapons to use against him, any weapons that have high attack power or DPS will work on him as he isn't too agile to dodge. Missiles do work on him but note that he has missile decoys as well as a core built-in AMS so use missiles sparingly against him. It is also possible to run him out of ammo but it's rather time-consuming, so just kill him as quickly as you can before he has a chance to turn the tables.



Armored Core: Last Raven PortableEdit

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