Bipedal legs (or humanoid legs) are the most common-type Armored Core Leg type parts in the AC series and has appeared in every installment.


They are the most balanced leg type, and take on a humanoid appearance. Bipedal legs have no unique features or properties. Used by beginners and veterans alike, they are the cornerstone for many ACs in many areas of combat. In Armored Core 4 and For Answer, Bipedal legs run from balanced to extremely specialized, but specialized models are a rarity. Bipedal legs remain one of the most popular leg types amongst players. This leg type has remained largely unchanged throughout the series.


Bipedal legs can be separated into three separate categories:


The most balanced of the three types. No glaring weaknesses or strengths, good weight loads and fair energy consumptions. Each and every game in the series starts out the player using this variant. Middleweight Biped legs tend to be the most commonly used leg type.


Incredibly agile and quick, lightweights are ideal for players who prefer high speed combat. They have high walking speed and boost speed as well as quick turn rates, but lack in armor and have a small load capacity. This limits their arsenal drastically, but perhaps the greatest weakness of the lighweight is its higher energy drain in comparison with other classes.


Heavyweights boasts incredible armor and weight load capacities. However, they are severely lacking in the speed department. Suited for heavily-armored ACs with lots of firepower to spare. They also feature a lower energy drain than the other two variants.

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