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Bishop (Tan)

The Bishop[1] is a Chrome medium Muscle Tracer and a common MT model in Armored Core. A tall reverse joint, the Bishop is seen in a large number of levels and comes in three major types.


Coming in three models, the Bishop is a tall MT, about one and a half times the size as an AC, and is reverse joint in appearance. In the normal Armored Core games, the base model only had two machine guns in two pods next to the torso but in Nexus Revolution, these models were portrayed as also having missile launchers, a trait of the more advanced models.



The most common Bishop design, the Tan model is known for firing a burst of blue machine gun fire from its two pods. Endlessly advancing, Bishops have nominal firepower and armor, making them easy to destroy. In Armored Core Nexus, however these models are toughened with better armor and a dual missile launcher. This model frequently appears as an enemy in missions against Chrome.

There is also a yellow version that is used in Mop Up Chrome Remnants. Despite the paint scheme difference, it is identical in performance to the tan version.


Presumably a commander model used by the terrorist group Imminent Storm, the Red model only appears in the mission Stop Terrorist Threat. Having tan machine gun shots, the Red model also features a missile launcher in the torso, more knock back than normal Bishops, and enhanced endurance. However it still is an MT at heart and is quickly disposed of with moderate firepower.


Only appearing in the mission Capture Space Station as allies, the Grey models appear as Chrome allies and are the toughest model yet. Featuring improved capabilities as the Red model, the Grey features pink machine gun fire. It is unknown how powerful these models are as they are never encountered in combat.


The Bishop appears in a total of eight missions, six times as an enemy, two times as an ally. They appear in the missions:



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The following information is "gray area" content — it may not be completely factual, and/or falls under YMMV territory.

  • It might be named after the British WW2-era self propelled howitzer of the same name.