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Bizarre is an MT pilot in Silent Line: Armored Core.


He piloted a gray and red Arrow Porter MT which was primarily equipped for long range combat. He does not advance to become an AC pilot and given his lack of appearances later on in the game is assumed to have died during a mission.

He appears during the following missions as a consort:

MT Thunderhead[]

MT Thunderhead

MT Thunderhead

With so much emphasis placed on long-range attack capability, this MT unit performs well in an open, target-rich environment, but is at a serious disadvantage when engaged at close quarters by an agile opponent.

MT Criminal Specifications[]

Name: Bizarre

MT Name: Thunderhead

MT Type: Reverse-joint missile MT

Armament/s: Dual Missile Launchers, Rifle Gun

AP: 3,200

Tactical Style: Zig-zagging while firing at enemies.

Strengths: Long range combat, slower enemies

Weaknesses: Close range combat, fast enemies, one on one combat