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Bomb Disarmament is a mission in Armored Core 3.

Bomb Disarmament

A Fiend NB MT guarding one of the bombs.


Requester: Crest

Advance: 0

Upon success: 30000

Operation Area: Smelting Facility

Enemy Forces: AC x 1, MTs x 4

Objective: Disarm all bombs

Operation Code: Burnt Trash

Client Name: Crest

Place Name: Smelting Facility

Start Time: 12:30

Security Level: 3

Estimated Success Rate: 35%

Recommended Raven Rank: B


Irrefutable evidence, uncovered by one of our spies, points to Union as the group behind recent uprisings. They've even gone so far as to claim that The Controller is malfunctioning.

It has also come to our attention that Kisaragi is secretly backing these efforts. Clearly they hoped that Union's activities would unbalanced us to the point where they could stop in and take control.

Union's next move involves a plot to disrupt the waste disposal network beneath the city through an extensive bombing campaign.

We're deploying our force to guard likely targets. Your responsibility is the removal of any bombs placed in and around the smelting facility.

Take down any who get in the way. Good Luck.



Laine Meyers:Avoid the lower level, no AC can withstand those temperatures.

Laine Meyers:Enemy AC detected.

Laine Meyers:Temperature level increasing. Be careful!

Laine Meyers:All bombs removed. Please return to base.

Strasbourg:It’s not possible...!




You have four minutes to disarm four bombs hidden around the facility. Fiend NBs will spawn from the doors in front of the conveyor belts, and once you defeat two of them, Strasbourg appears. The bottom of the furnace is nothing but lava, so you should use the best radiator you can fit. The furnace will increase its temperature as the time goes, rendering you more vulnerable to overheating. You should also consider taking AC frame parts with good cooling to stave off the extreme heat to a better degree. This is especially imporant if you intend to fight Strasbourg for completion % or OP-I. In this case, you should probably use hover legs. You can completely ignore him if you'd prefer.

If you have a head with a mapping function, the bombs will be marked on your map. Two of the bombs are on the doors on the conveyor belts on the way up to the top of the furnace, one on the SW and one on the NW side. The other two are in the topmost area, where, depending on where you approach it from, you might have to destroy the floor grates in order to make it in. One bomb is high on the NE wall and the other is on the S side of the pillar up there. Be careful that the Fiend NBs don't destroy the scaffolding underneath your feet and cause you to fall.

As for Strasbourg, he is more annoying than any real threat, mostly there to waste your time. He uses a machine gun mixed with a dual missile launcher, flying up and down the furnace pit. His offensive potential is low; what is tricky is hitting him back, since he is going to fly around the pit while seemingly ignoring the burning hot environment of the blast furnace. The easiest way to defeat Strasbourg is to drop down to the molten metal (using hover legs) and try to catch him against a wall or right in front of you with the flamethrower and another strong weapon. If you are not going to jump down to the pit's bottom, you will have to fight him from the conveyor belts, which makes aiming at him very difficult. A missile weapon with relation missiles extensions will work well enough to take him down.

For the S-rank, you'll need to complete the mission in about 35 seconds, so ignore all the enemies and use the lightest and fastest legs you prefer, with Fleet and Roz.


  • You receive 1500 credits per MT you destroy, and 10000 credits for taking out Strasbourg.
  • By doing this mission with the OP-INTENSIFY part equipped (you must kill Strasbourg), you will unlock enhanced turning performance.
  • The PSP-exclusive handgun MWG-HG/111 is hidden on this level, it is located on one of the rocks on the lava. In order to obtain this part safely, equip hover legs and descend and retrieve the part.