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ACs boosting.

Boost or Boosting is the term applied to a craft moving by vertical and horizontal thrusters. Boosters are a required component when constructing Armored Core, and most Pilots (Ravens or Lynx) tend to rely on their unit's Boost capabilities.



A standard booster is the basis for booster technology and the reason for a Armored Core's speed, Most mechs have boosters.

Extension Boosters[]

Extension turn boosters

An AC using extension boosters

Otherwise known as add-on boosters, These are optional equipment that attaches to the Armored Core to provide either additional thrust during boosting; or have a special, booster related effect which that is similar to Quickboosting. There are Extensions/Shoulder and Dual-Back models

Over Boost[]

A special booster based in the core that is used for very fast movement that regular booster cant achieve. It needs to charge up before it starts up.
In Armored Core V, it is renamed Glide Boost, but is activated instantly and must be started on the ground only.

Quick Boost[]

Pain Rockets FTW

The various new Booster functions in Armored Core V

A special booster function that allows for near instantanious movement over a short distance. it's essentially a very short and powerfull booster dash for quick evasions. NEXT's and only a few special weapons have.
In Armored Core V, it is renamed High-Boost and is more widespread than ever; this version however cannot be used to aid in turning.

Boost Drive[]

The ability to jump or kick off of flat surfaces to move in a manner similar to Quick Boost. Vertical Surfaces, such as a building, are the easiest to use and can be used to gain hieght.
In Armored Core V, it replaces vertical boosting and like Hi-Boost, it cannot be used to aid in turning.

Boost Charge[]

A charging attack during Hi-Boost, in essence a melee attack reinforced with boosters (a kick or a full unit tackle).
This is activated by holding the Hi-Boost Button, and is affected by a Leg parts boost charge stats and an AC's speed.


  • In games before Armored Core 4, Overboosting and using a Extension Booster has a somewhat similar effect to Quickboosting.