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Boosters are the main propelling system of an Armored Core and most other mobile units in Armored Core games.


Essentially thrusters, boosters are the essential units which give an Armored Core its amazing speed and mobility, and are capable of accelerating to up to 300+ K/h. Without the ability to Boost, ACs would be forced to simply walk like normal MT units.

A large variety exists with different power levels (which determine speed) and colors, each one best for a different model. Boosters generally range between weak but efficient boosters for lighter AC's to very very powerful boosters that require a large amount of energy, which only heavier units can hold large enough generators for. Additionally, each booster has their own unique thrust coloration and flame exhaust length, ranging from orange colored boosters for entry-level ACs to bright blue or green for typically high-end machines.

Over BoostEdit

First appearing in Armored Core 2, Overboost is a special maneuver whereby the AC uses an enormous amount of energy to travel incredibly fast, often outrunning most weapon discharges. By Armored Core 4 Overboost has become a part of it's own rather than a feature of regular boosters. In Armored Core V the equivelent is Glide Boost but it is restricted to being started while the AC is still on the ground.

Quick BoostEdit

First appearing in Armored Core 4, Quick Boosting causes an explosive burst of speed, is used for near-instant evasions and manuevers. The equivelent in Armored Core V is Hi-Boost but has a longer time between each use.

List of Boosters Edit

Armored Core 1 Edit

Armored Core Project Phantasma Edit

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Armored Core 1 to Armored Core: Silent LineEdit

Since the first AC game, boosters were the primary of method of propulsion for the ACs. Without this, the AC can never fly or glide on the ground (except for tanks). Various types of boosters exist during this time, from very powerful boosters that provide very high mobility but at the cost of massive energy drain, to low powered boosters with poor acceleration but with higher efficiency in terms of energy drain. The Starting booster for these games are often low powered, low cost & medium efficiency types. Along the way as players progress throughout the game, they can purchase/obtain boosters with better performance, either in terms of mobility or efficiency. These boosters do not emit heat when activated and can be used indefinitely, the only time where they are unusable is if the player's AC runs out of energy and has to recharge. Combined with Human PLUS/OP-INTENSIFY, the booster's energy drain is reduced to half and as such, the AC can boost for a longer period of time than normal and in some cases, they can allow the AC to remain airborne indefinitely.

Armored Core: Nexus to Armored Core: Last RavenEdit

Starting in Nexus, Boosters underwent a re-modification which made the heat producing factor higher than in the older games, meaning that the radiator was now more important than ever. Also, a new category, Booster Acceleration was added.

Armored Core 4 to Armored Core: For AnswerEdit

Boosters are now split into Main Boosters, Back Boosters, Side Boosters, and Overboost Engine. By this time, boosters no longer have varying colors. Quick Boost is introduced.

Armored Core VEdit

Now there is only 1 booster to equip but now can now have 4 Booster nozzles on a core, 2 in the front and the traditional 2 in the back. This booster not only has normal boosting with no power usage and quick boosting, renamed Hi-Boost; but is also now able to do a overed boost function, without the noticable charge time, called Glide Boost but is limited to being started while the AC is on the ground.

Additional BoostersEdit

An AC can have extra boosters added onto it either on the back weapon slots or as an extension. These usually provide much more power in exchange for only a slight increase in energy drain. These are often used by AC's designed solely for blading. Nine-Ball Seraph has a gigantic pair of boosters attatched to it's back allowing it to transform into a jet mode and fly at very high speed.


  • The actual method of thrust is unknown, but it can be deduced that, as the generator is likely not fossil fuel based, the boosters use some sort of ion-reaction drive or other method of propulsion.
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