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General information
Classification Lynx
Gender Male
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation Technocrat
Maghrib Liberation Front
Occupation Original
Rank 25
Craft NEXT Bogomol
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core 4
Voice actor André Sogliuzzo (US)

Borisovich is a Lynx that appears in Armored Core 4. He is the #25 Original.

In-Game Biography[]

Though Technocrat's middle-aged LYNX's combat style is as rough and imprecise as his Company's parts, Bogomol's raw power forces foes to tread carefully.


Borisovich appears as an enemy NEXT in the mission, Sandstorm Citadel on hard mode. He ambushes Anatolia's Mercenary, fighting alongside the Maghrib Liberation Front. His fate remains open-ended as he can either be killed by Anatolia's Mercenary or avoided while pursuing the mission's objective. Upon being defeated, he acknowledges the Mercenary's strength, so much that he comments "It seems even the mighty must be cautious".


Borisovich is shown to be a very aggressive and strategic Lynx pilot. This is further reinforced by the name of his NEXT, Bogomol which translates to Mantis. Of course referring to the Praying Mantis, Borisovich waits for his adversary before striking out. His dialogue indicates him to be a charismatic soldier who enjoys combat shouting out a phrase akin to "Very Good!" Throughout the battle with Anatolia's Mercenary, it becomes evident that he respects him.

NEXT Bogomol[]


NEXT Bogomol

The craft piloted by Borisovich that is based off of Eqbal's flagship model, SOLUH. Bogomol ignores normal lightweight doctrine and instead opts for brute force. Its back armament consists of two large BVS-50 rockets, capable of doing heavy damage, a machine gun and a rocket launcher on his left arm. Unlike most other units, Borisovich follows a direct assault philosophy, usually charging straight on at an opponent, primarily using the back mounted rockets to do damage while using the machine gun and arm rocket to break the player's PA, and also using the SOLUH's mobility to dodge fire. This makes face-to-face encounters with this NEXT short and brutal.


Borisovich appears early in Sandstorm Citadel as the player makes their way to the Eritrean stronghold. The sandstorm makes it difficult to see Bogomol, so you must rely on radar or the occasional Quickboost. For the most part, keep a good distance between you and Bogomol; the large rockets that this NEXT uses is powerful, but has no lock on capability. As long as you keep moving and watch for his machine gun, this battle is fairly easy. Make sure to maintain visual contain, as your NEXT will randomly lock on to incoming missiles, and may make you shoot at them instead of the target. Grenade launchers, OGOTO or YAMAGA are recommended against Bogomol, but Sirius Hi-Laser works just as well. Defeating Borisovich is not necessary to complete the mission, so it might be a better choice to simply ignore him and focus on destroying the ballistic missile silos instead.


  • "So you are Anatolia's Next... Sorry, but you won't be getting away. Welcome to your grave!"
    • When the player first encounters Borisovich.
  • "Khorosho!"
    • As the battle progresses.
  • "Feh. I guess I can't expect more from such a relic. Truly pathetic." (If the player ignores Borisovich)
    • When the player retreats or avoids Borisovich.
  • "This was inevitable."
    • As the battle progresses.
  • "Hmph, is this all you've got?! You're boring me! Time to end this."
    • If Borisovich starts winning the battle.
  • "It seems even the mighty must be cautious."
    • When Borisovich is defeated.
  • "This result was inevitable."
    • If Borisovich defeats the player.


  • R Front Stabilizer
    • Head/Top: None
    • Head/R Side: None
    • Core/ R Upper: None
    • Legs/ R Upper: None
  • L Front Stabilizer
    • Head/Top: None
    • Head/L Side: None
    • Core/ L Upper: None
    • Legs/ L Upper: None
  • L Rear Stabilizer
    • Core/L Lower: None
    • Arms/Left: None
    • Legs/Back: None
    • Legs/L Middle: None
    • Legs/L Lower: None
  • R Rear Stabilizer
    • Core/R Lower: None
    • Arms/Right: None
    • Legs/Back: None
    • Legs/R Middle: None
    • Legs/R Lower: None


  • Taking hard mode as canon, Borisovitch is technically the first NEXT that the player fights.
  • Bogomol is Russian for "Mantis."
  • Khorosho is Russian for "Wonderful" or "Very good."
  • Given his name, his craft name and the phrases he shouts, it is very likely that Borisovich is of Russian descent and that Technocrat has had a fair degree of influence in Russia.