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AC Boyle

Boyle Fortner
is a member of the Frighteners seen in Armored Core 2. He is one of the main antagonists alongside Leos Klein.


Described as being in their early 30's, Boyle is the twin of Remille Fortner and acts as Klein's second in command. He is first encountered in Guard Secret Information but is only fought later in Infiltrate STAI Battleship. He is killed in action by the Raven.

AC BoyleEdit

Boyle pilots a heavyweight AC unit equipped with anti missile extensions, a plasma cannon double back weapon, a handheld energy machine gun, a laser blade and an overboost core. Although the unit is equipped with a

Boyle's AC

plasma cannon and overboost core it is not seen using them in battle. It is presumed that the unit needs to kneel in order to use the back mounted plasma cannon.


Broyle is a slow and powerful AC. His main attack is the powerful plasma cannon and this can deal massive damage to the target. The area where he is fought is also quite small and this can make things rather difficult. However, he can be quite easy to deal with the right setup. Due to his slow design a quad leg AC is quite effective against it along with a high powered laser rifle, such as the KARASAWA MK2, which is highly recommended for the late game of Armored Core 2. This, along with the fact that he is not at full AP, makes him a rather pathetic fight.


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