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Brazen is a Raven in Armored Core 2. His rank is #12 in the Arena.

Arena AC2 Rank 12 Brazen profile 1
AC Name Azure Sky No.5
Gender Male
Rank 12
Affiliation Nerves Concord
Appearance(s) Armored Core 2
AC Characteristics
Armor Points 9050
Weight 8082
Price 574900
Offensive Points 5277
Defensive Points 3038
Moving Speed 2850
OB Ability 2460
Grade Great
Core Over Boost
Inside None
Extension None
Back Unit R Middle Missile
Back Unit L Plasma Cannon
Arm Unit R Shotgun
Arm Unit L Laser Blade


A rare sight, this is a caterpillar based AC that specializes in aerial combat. He loves looking danger in the eye, and has survived many savage battles. He is the only other Raven to survive the initial assault on the STAI battleship but is quickly killed fighting inside the ship. It is unknown if he was terminated by the Disorder Units or by Boyle.

The characters in his emblem, 伍号蒼天, are simply the name of his AC.

AC Azure Sky No.5[]

Azure Sky No. 5 is a tank-leg AC equipped with a plasma cannon, middle missile launcher that fires four missiles at once, shotgun, laser blade and an overboost core.


As the information mentions, he is very much an airborne opponent. He doesn't have that much ammo but his Shotgun and Plasma Cannon can deal massive damage to the target. At range, however he isn't that much of a threat and you can easily run him out of ammo. He does have a lot of defense and AP so if you have very powerful weapons, he will fall easily.



  • There is an inconsistency with Brazen's AC. Although in the Arena it was shown he had a middle missile launcher, his AC in the STAI battleship mission was shown to have a multi-missile launcher instead.
  • In the Japanese version, Brazen is known as Balzac (バルザック).



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