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Break the White Lance Mission Icon

Break the White Lance is a mission in the fourth chapter of Armored Core 4.


  • Area: North Atlantic Sea
  • Objective: Destroy the Queenslance
  • Client: GA


  • Damage: 22000 AP (25500 AP on hard mode)
  • Ammo Use: N/A
  • Mission Time: 240 seconds


Let's confirm the mission.

You're going after the BFF Group directly this time. Destroy the Queenslance, BFF's flagship and acting headquarters.

The Queenslance is nestled amid a massive defensive fleet. It's going to be nasty out there, but there's no avoiding it.

The Queenslance is your only target. Ignore the rest of the fleet, just be sure to sink that flagship.

BFF is notorious for their highly centralized command structure. If this operations succeeds, they'll be dead in the water. This is an extremely important mission.

Those are your orders. There's no turning back now.

Special Debriefing[]

One of the six companies just fell by your hand. I never imagined it would come to something like this.

You're truly amazing. I never would have guessed, looking at you back then.

I miss those days...


The sole objective for this mission is to sink the Queenslance. The player begins the mission beside a massive fleet of warships, with the Queenslance at the head. The player must navigate their way past the escorts to the front of the fleet, and destroy BFF's flagship. The Queenslance itself is unarmed, her defensive forces consist of missile-armed warships and a large number of Normals in the water. Their concentrated fire can inflict significant damage to the player unless they remain constantly on the move. The mission ends once the Queenslance is destroyed.

Hard Mode Differences: If the player does not reach the Queenslance and destroy her quickly enough, she will escape and the player will fail the mission.



Fiona Jarnefeldt:Your objective is BFF's flagship, the Queenslance. A large convoy fleet is positioned throughout the area. Break through those defenses and blitz the target.

Fiona Jarnefeldt:(Hard Mode) The Queenslance is drawing near the combat area perimeter. Stop it before it escapes the area.

Fiona Jarnefeldt:(Hard Mode) Objective about to leave the combat area. Please hurry.

Fiona Jarnefeldt:Queenslance sighted. That's your objective--sink it.

Fiona Jarnefeldt:Queenslance destroyed. Mission accomplished. Good work. Please head back.