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"Those two weren't anything special. Kill before ya get killed! What's so hard about that? Cretins, all of you!" - Brother J

Brother J is a Migrant encountered in Armored Core V.


A Migrant encountered in Armored Core V's Order Missions, he appears in Order Mission 30. The oldest and last of the brothers to be fought in the Order Mission storyline, he pilots the AC Olympia I.


Encountered in Order Mission 30 at the Huge Canyon, Brother J is a self-sufficient, yet brutal man. He views around him with spite and contempt, seeing his younger siblings as nothing more than trash. He views the world as a place where only the strong survive, and that killing another to continue living on is the motion of day-to-day life. Those who fail to live up to his expectations are not treated well, in fact, he will often look down upon others who have been beaten. Upon hearing of the demise of his younger siblings, he shows little to no concern for their deaths, casting them aside as nothing more than scum under his boot.

His AC, Olympia I, is a heavyweight, flashing red and yellow tank-type loaded to the brim with heavy weaponry.

AC Olympia I[]

In-game information: A tank-type AC constructed from parts with excellent defense ability. Delivers an overall high level of firepower with a cannon and H.E.A.T. cannon that pack a fierce punch. Geared toward short battles due to its low mobility and the low ammo capacity of its main weapons.

Unlike other AC's fought so far, Olympia I is the first of many 'brick-walls' the player will have to face throughout the Order Mission storyline, or the game altogether. A heavyweight, light-tread type tank craft loaded with heavy weapons, Olympia I has enough firepower to flatten anything in its way. However, due to its massive payload, the unit has trouble hulking its weight around, and usually prefers to remain stationary while engaging enemies on the battlefield, filling the air with high-velocity shelling.


The fight against Olympia I takes place in the Huge Canyon area. The hydro dam is the chosen destination of the coming fight, and he will wait for you at his spot near the warehouses and communication station at the head of the huge Canyon's ravine-like valley.

Olympia I arrives to the field bearing a payload of death; namely a KO-9K/Zhuk high-power KE cannon and the powerful first-gen KO-6H6/Bystro HEAT Cannon for its main weapons. In reserve, it possesses the powerful KO-2H4 Podenka first-gen battle rifle and a rifle. While the PODENKA is nothing to worry about, the ZHUK and BYSTRO are. These weapons possess enough killing potential to wreck any AC in its path, even if they are another tank-type. With these powerful weapons as its main armament, it can pose a threat. Several mile-wide crater. Fortunately, these nasty guns have a small ammo count, meaning he will run out fairly quickly, should you draw the fight out long enough.

For this fight, it is imperative that you use a highly-mobile AC to dodge his attacks, but one must also blend defense into their design. Olympia I has enough firepower to utterly destroy anything in his way. This includes other tank AC's as well, so mobility is the best chance of dogging him in a gunfight. It is recommended that you use high-acceleration boosters. While high-power boosters do provide better overall mobility in general, they take longer to reach top speed, which leaves one open to being stunned by Olympia I's KE cannon and therefore left open to being blasted to bits by his BYSTRO HEAT cannon.

Refrain from using paper-thin AC's, such a lightweight bipedal or reverse-jointed designs. While they possess impressive mobility, should Olympia I hit one such AC, they will be stunned for a long amount of time due to their lack of stability and will leave them open to further devastating attacks. Another thing to note about paper-thin, lightweight designs is that they restrict the use of weapons powerful enough to deal significant damage to Olympia I due to their limited load capacity.

It's the same case for heavyweight bipedal, reverse-joint and tank AC's. Their lack of mobility will make them easy targets for Olympia I's overwhelming firepower.

So in light of this, it is highly recommended that a medium-weight bipedal design is used against Olympia I. While they may indeed not have the stability or raw defense to deflect Olympia I's attacks, they blend offensive mobility and defense rather well, and make for one of the better class of AC to use against him. They are not only fast and take alot of damage, but with the right setup, a medium-weight bipedal can equip themselves with a full loadout of powerful armaments -- weapons that can, and will, cause major damage to Olympia I.

Refrain from using the lightly armored medium-weight bipedal legs (such as the SHASTA, ULG-09/A and ULG-21) as they will hamper your defensive ability. This means that your AC will have their defensive capability compromised within only a few hits, leaving them with taking larger amounts of damage from then on. This means that defense is more of an imperative over sheer mobility, but mobility is still a must. Therefore, heavier legs (such as the DENALI, RAINIER, VENTOUX, JORASSES and CINTO) will be of better use in this fight.

With an overall defensive value of 1292 (KE) 2133 (CE) and 2993 (TE), it leaves us with very few options. However, should one have reached a team rank of 50, then they will have few problems. If they do not have access to all parts in the game, then do not fret, the weapons that they have already will suffice.

Due to Olympia I's primary weakness to KE, weapons such as rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, physical blades, KE missiles (High-Speed, VTF, Spread, Vertical, Large) and Rocket launchers will work adequately. High power CE weapons such as battle rifles (UBR-05/R or Strekoza), HEAT Howitzers and HEAT piles will work as well in jeopardizing his defenses. Even unique shoulder weapons such as Auto-attack guns and bombs will be useful in your favor as well.

In combat, use the warehouses and communication buildings as cover during your assault, but be careful; Olympia I's tank treads means he can turn abruptly, which means he will almost always be able to target you. In this kind of scenario, weapons such as flash rockets will help alleviate the pressure of his firepower for a small amount of time, giving you the chance to get a few extra shots in or simply hide and prepare an ambush.

Olympia I makes matters easier for you, as he will remain stationary most of the time, content to just fling rounds at you from his seat. He will only decide to move should you attempt to go into a dogfight with him, or try to run rings around him.

Advanced players may try to simply two-hit him with a pair of piles, or shred his defenses and AP with long-range, high-caliber sniper cannon attacks on a quad for increase accuracy.


  • For some apparent reason, when he starts firing and you duck behind to get cover, he will still continue to fire (despite something getting in the way of his shots, making him waste a great deal of ammo.
  • He is the eldest of the other 2 siblings and one of the 3 sons of Father Q.