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"So he's the one that got my little bro? I'll show him who's the tougher of the two! Wa ha ha!" - Brother T

Brother T is a Migrant encountered in Armored Core V.


A Migrant Pilot encountered in Armored Core V's Order Missions, Brother T is the second of three brothers to be encountered by the player after Brother K's defeat. Appearing as the main enemy of Order Mission 17, he pilots the AC Olympia II.


Encountered in Order Mission 17 at the Mining Facility, Brother T is a confident, rowdy individual who is bent on revenge for the death of his little brother, K. His AC, Olympia II, is a low-cost heavyweight bipedal constructed from both JUNK and repaired parts, donning a mostly blue-purple color scheme. It features high AP and average resistance.

AC Olympia II[]

In-game information: A heavyweight, bipedal AC constructed from highly durable parts. Favors the use of rifles and Gatling guns with enhanced ammo capacity. Although it features good versatility, it comes short in delivering the decisive blow when it counts.

The second Olympia AC encountered, Olympia II is a heavyweight bipedal AC with overall good AP with average durability.

Comes equipped with a high-ammo Gatling gun and rifle, this AC can produce a surprising amount of damage through sheer ammo volume, but its weapons lack finesse and high, overall damage output. But it makes more than up for it with the increased mobility of its more mobile frame and legs.


As like with Olympia III, this AC isn't something to be scared of, least of all by new players. Only the worst capable combatants have need to fear such a slow-moving, uncoordinated craft. Although in some respects, the AI for Olympia II is better than that of Olympia III, but the difference is marginal, and he shouldn't cause a problem if you know what to do.

As with Olympia III, you will start on the "westward" side of the Mining Facility's residential area, with Olympia II starting off directly in front of you. Simply apply the same tactics from the fight with Olympia II, and he shouldn't be a problem.

Its KE and CE defenses are rather pathetic for being the second Olympia AC, and in some ways, Olympia II is even worse of an opponent than Olympia III. A far cry from some of the AC's fought so far, it is recommend to just chase after him and blast him to hell, there is no point in waiting for him to come to you.

One thing to note though, is that like with Olympia III, O-II will try to get away from you using the environment as a shield, and in his case, he'll simply run along the ground between the buildings, so no problems there. Gain a height advantage and use your superior tactics to get the drop on him from above.

What does set him apart from all other AC's so far is that he is the first AC encountered who will use a Boost-Charge; although, due to his AC's leg model, will deal quite low damage regardless for a heavyweight. He will only use it if you either back him into a corner he cannot get himself out of, or if you remain stationary when right up in front of his face. Either way, he is a piece of cake. But even so, try not to let him hit you, even though his AC's les are weak in boost charge damage, that is still over a third of a medium-weight bipeds AP in one hit. So be careful.

Use whichever weapons you deem will be worth the effort, and just blow him to kingdom-come. Any weapon will work, including CE weapons, as the pars he uses barely drowns out the damage dealt by even a junk PODENKA battle rifle.

Simply just get a clear line of sight, aim and fire. It'll be done in a (relatively) unsatisfying amount of time.


  • He is the older brother of Brother K, the second youngest sibling of Brother J, and one of the three sons of Father Q.