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Brumaire is a Raven who appears in Armored Core 2: Another Age.

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He is encountered in the mission Shutdown Nuclear Shelter. He was hired to by Zio Matrix to protect the Derelict Nuclear Shelter from the Raven who was hired by Emeraude to destroy the Shelter.

AC Indigo Gazelle[]

Indigo Gazelle is a middleweight hover leg AC equipped with anti missile extensions, a back radar, a pulse cannon, a laser rifle, a laser blade and an overboost core. To use the pulse cannon the unit has to turn off its hover jets (in other words kneel) as he does not use Human PLUS.


Brumaire is a rather easy opponent. He overboosts constantly to avoid damage but he’s still predictable. He has a minisawa as his main weapon but his shots’ accuracy is quite bad, making it easy to predict & dodge the shots. He rarely uses his pulse cannon and blade so you needn’t pay attention to those. For a hover legged AC, he has limited durability, so any kind of weapon is usable on him. Just be sure not to waste all your ammo on him as there’re other enemies you have to face in this mission.



  • His AC's name and Raven name are translated from a Japanese website and are pending.
  • Bilbo in the Armored Core 3 pilots an AC with similar concept to that of Indigo Gazelle.