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Arena AC2 Rank 19 Bulk profile 1
AC Name Mass
Gender Male
Rank 19
Affiliation Nerves Concord
Appearance(s) Armored Core 2
AC Characteristics
Armor Points 9547
Weight 9864
Price 604300
Offensive Points 1953
Defensive Points 3007
Moving Speed 2690
OB Ability 2400
Grade Excellent
Core Over Boost
Inside None
Extension Anti Missile
Back Unit R Slug Gun
Back Unit L Radar
Arm Unit R Bazooka
Arm Unit L Bazooka

Bulk is a Raven in Armored Core 2. His rank is #19 in the Arena.


"A durable caterpillar based AC that employs defensive tactics while waiting for the enemy to run out of ammo. Self-preservation is the pilot's priority."
Arena description.

He is encountered in the mission Destroy Radar Base and is working for Emeraude.

AC Mass (US)/Evermore (JP)[]

Mass is a tank-leg AC equipped with anti missile extensions, a slug gun, a back radar, bazooka weapon arms and an overboost core.


The primary threat to Bulk is his dual bazooka weapon arms. However, being weapon arms, they only have a below average amount of ammo. Being a tank AC, it's good to either use his below average mobility to hem him at a distance (thus letting one easily avoid his attacks), or get in close and use superior mobility to juke out his attacks. Should his bazooka arms run out of ammo, his slug gun is much less dangerous by comparison. He felt the need to pack a radar instead of an actual weapon in his other back slot, so make him feel like a right narner for that.

When fought in Destroy Radar Base, he can be rather dangerous as a result of the tight confines of his arena. He's in a small room with several obstacles that can interfere with your ability to boost away from him, especially the target computer. Also thanks to being fought in the campaign, he has unlimited ammo on his bazooka arms. Though, being in the campaign also limits his AP. It's best to stay as far away from him as possible and tear him down quickly.



  • In the Japanese version, Bulk is known as Trientine (トリエンチ), while his AC name is known as Evermore (エヴァーモア).



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