The CLB-LS-1551 is an Left Arm Part that first appeared in Armored Core 3 and later Silent Line: Armored Core.



Part DescriptionEdit

Lightweight, inexpensive blade.

Part StatisticsEdit

  • Part Type: Left Arm Unit - Laser Blade
  • Manufacturer: Crest Industries
  • Price: 11,000c
  • Weight: 122
  • Energy Drain: 26
  • Attack Power: 782
  • Attack Heat: 5
  • Discharge Heat: 8
  • Range Rating: 9
  • Wave Range: -
  • Usage Drain: 2050


This part is the starting Left Arm part in both games it appears in, meaning you have it from the beginning of the game.


Armored Core 3

Silent Line: Armored Core


  • In Armored Core: Nexus and beyond, this laser blade is known as the CR-WL69LB.
  • This is the blade with the highest Range Rating stat in Armored Core 3.
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