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Typically stationary, 06SBs seem like easy targets... well they're not. Their thick shields are impervious to all


attacks (they can easily absorb ELF3 swings) and this makes them a big pain if you're on a time limit. Their main attack is twin bazookas and during this, is the only time you can attack them. This makes them a rather big pain because if you don't expect them to attack, you could lose the window of opportunity and their shield goes back up.


  • Bazooka


When you go up against these MTs, get up real close with a laser blade. When they open their shield to attack, swing away. With a good and powerful blade, they'll be down in no time. You could also do the same thing with ranged attacks, just make sure you dodge the bazooka shots. They're more of a pain than anything else. Another way is to fly above them and go behind them. They'll be confused and vulrenable.


This MT appears in Last Raven