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A big and powerful MT, the 91 model is deadly due to its Plasma Cannon arms. This makes it deadly as it can


easily do 1000 AP a shot, making it able to rip an AC apart in about 8 to 9 shots, depending on armor and health values. They are fairly slow but if you can't see them first they can do some real damage.


  • Twin Plasma Cannons


You need to take this out as fast as possible or face the consequences. You need to either kill them before they get a shot off or stay mobile and dodge their shots. Missiles works well against them as well as high powered rifles. Just stay mobile.


Nexus cr-mt91

CR-MT91L2 prototype (?) with cable plugged to external power source

  • An identical MT which appears to be a prototype/early model appears in Armored Core: Nexus at Destroy Mine Power Systems mission. Unlike the model seen in Last Raven, it's armed with actual arms with right arm holding a machine gun. Its shoulder plasma cannons are connected to an external power source via a cable instead of being carried on the back. When it detaches the cable, it no longer able to fire its plasma cannons.