The CRU-A10 is an Back Unit Part that first appeared in Armored Core 3 and later Silent Line: Armored Core.



Part DescriptionEdit

Standard shoulder-mounted radar.

Part StatisticsEdit

  • Part Type: Back Unit - Radar
  • Manufacturer: Crest Industries
  • Price: 12,100c
  • Weight: 125
  • Energy Drain: 199
  • Radar Range: 700
  • Radar Type: Standard
  • Scanning Interval: -
  • ECM Counter: None
  • Noise Counter: None
  • Missile Sensor: None
  • Bio Sensor: None
  • Stealth Sensor: None


This part is the starting Back Unit part in both games it appears in, meaning you have it from the beginning of the game.


Armored Core 3

Silent Line: Armored Core


  • This part appears to be used by the lightweight Crest AC in the opening video of Armored Core 3.
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