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The CWR-COTTOS is an Back Unit Part that first appeared in Silent Line: Armored Core.



Part Description[]

Large rockets, twenty-four rounds.

Part Statistics[]

  • Part Type: Back Unit - Large Rocket
  • Manufacturer: Crest Industries
  • Price: 107,800c
  • Weight: 1192
  • Energy Drain: 28
  • Weapon Lock: Narrow & Deep
  • Attack Power: 3200
  • Ammo Heat: 635
  • Range: 900
  • Maximum Lock: -
  • Reload Time: 60
  • Number of Ammo: 24
  • Ammo Type: Solid
  • Ammo Price: 442
  • Usage Drain: -


This part can be unlocked during the mission Search Vilius Laboratory. To unlock this part, complete the mission quickly, accept the second mission Eliminate Bio Weapon, and then destroy both the 1st and 2nd bio weapon without the truck being destroyed.

Note that you can do this mission multiple times to the exact specifications and it will NEVER give you the part.


  • None