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Cabracan releasing its many drones to fight Strayed

One of the very fast Charge-class Algebra transport and support AFs with a shredder-like apparatus attached to the front, its most notable feature is its ability to carry, maintain, and deploy a swarm of aerial combat drones. Its appearance is that of an overturned soup bowl covering its suspension and tracks, with a monolithic rectangular structure laying lengthwise over its top. Although built primarily for high speed with no emphasis on offense, it carries several combined missile and autocannon turrets on top of the platform covering the top of the suspension, just below the rectangular tower superstructure. The main drawback of this AF, aside from its lackluster armament, is that uneven terrain might require that the edges of the "soup bowl" be raised so as to not dig themselves in, leaving the treads inside momentarily vulnerable. The drones, not to be forgotten are each equipped with two automatic recoilless rifles, and are launched from the towering superstructure as it unfolds after the tracks below the skirt armor have been disabled. Briefing materials indicate that multiple Cabracan-like Arms Forts exist as 'Charge Type Arms Forts'.

Appears in "Defeat AF Cabracan".


  • Cabracan was designed in real life by mecha designer and anime director Makoto Kobayashi, the designer of the mechas PMX-003 The-O and the RMS-108 Marasai from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, among others. The Answerer Arms Fort also from Armored Core: For Answer was designed by Kobayashi as well.


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