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Call Limit - Emblem

Call Limit's Emblem

Call Limit is a Raven in Armored Core: Nexus. He is ranked 30th in the Arena.


In-Game Information:

Hover leg design that sacrifices everything in the name of speed. Equipped weapons are limited to a hand gun and a lightweight machine gun. Call Limit was the Raven hired by Kisaragi to defend the facility at Koilos Lake. Facing off by The Raven, he was ultimately defeated. It was a strong possibility that he was hired by Mirage to stall The Raven and ensure his destruction at the hands of the incoming missiles.

AC Hot Rod[]

Hot Rod is a hover-legged AC equipped only with a machine gun, a handgun and an overboost core. Its limited weapon loadout prevents it from faring well in prolonged battles.

AC Hot Rod

AC Hot Rod



He is by far the easiest foe in the Arena, if not in the entire game. His weapons are so limited to the point that its unlikely he can even kill you. The only issue when facing him is speed, as he is highly mobile. However, this also makes it him prone to overheating, so you can easily rip him apart once he goes into energy charging mode.



  • In the mission where he appears, Call Limit's AC appears blue instead of red.