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Canis Emblem
General information
Classification Human
Gender Male
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation Collared
Occupation Lynx
Rank Collared Rank 22
Craft NEXT Savage Beast
Eras present Economic War
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core: For Answer

Canis is a Lynx active during the Economic War. He is one of the Independents registered under Collared.


"Clear Former Chinese Shanghai"[]

  • Ah, Normal troops. I'll take care of these. Sit back, relax and watch me fly.
  • Hah, over already? Calling on me to mop up a bunch of Normals? Who do you think you're talking to?

"Defeat Unknown NEXT"[]

  • Savage Beast, in the field. This beast will knock you out right good.
  • Damn! I'm awesome!
  • (When damaged heavily) AHHH I'm FALLING BACK! There's too many of them!
  • I'm earning more than just my pay here! There better be bonus cash for this!

NEXT Savage Beast[]

NEXT Schematic ACFA Savage Beast

NEXT Savage Beast

Canis's NEXT uses a TYPE-LANCEL parts with a SOLUH Core, giving it less defense but better mobility and lower energy consumption. Savage Beast's weaponry consists of Omer's AR-O700 assault rifle and MP-O601JC PM missiles combined with Interior Union's LR-04 AVIOR laser rifle and BM-05 LAMIA AS missiles. His Algebra-made YASMIN flare dispenser rounds off his craft, making it a well balanced unit.


  • Head Stabilizers
  • Core Stabilizers
    • Core R Upper: None
    • Core L Upper: None
    • Core R Lower: None
    • Core L Lower: None
  • Arm Stabilizers
    • Arm Right: None
    • Arm Left: None
  • Leg Stabilizers
    • Legs Back: None
    • Legs R Upper: None
    • Legs L Upper: None
    • Legs R Middle: None
    • Legs L Middle: LG-HOGIRE-OPK01
    • Legs R Lower: None
    • Legs L Lower: None


Canis appears in Armored Core: For Answer as a possible allied support in two Omer Science Technology missions, "Clear Former Chinese Shanghai" and "Defeat Unknown NEXT." As the story progresses, it becomes clear that Canis has developed a bit of arrogance from prior successes.

Order Match profile[]

A young Lynx who pilots a well balanced middleweight biped. Technically independent, but has close ties to Rosenthal. Unlike his big-mouthed tendency, he's known for choosing missions carefully. This makes his illustrious combat record difficult to assess.[1]

Consort profile[]

He tends to talk big, and is not very popular. However, his NEXT is quite powerful.[2]


The following information is "gray area" content — it may not be completely factual, and/or falls under YMMV territory.


Thanks to his low movement speed compared to other NEXT, grenades may be a good choice when he is on the ground. Also, his SOLUH core is weak against laser blades and he particularly falls down very easily because of it. He is always ready to pop flares when assaulted by missiles, so keep that in mind. His back missile launchers often fire in combos where it may catch you when you least expect it, and his laser rifle/assault rifle arm weapons do have respectable damage output when fired together, so be warned.


Available in both "Clear Out Chinese Shanghai" and "Defeat Unknown NEXT", Savage Beast is the second-to-least costly option. However, at 30% of your reward, he is still quite expensive. In "Clear Out Chinese Shanghai", Savage Beast's firepower is quite good at dispatching the Normals and warships, but he will have quite the disadvantage against the Arms Fort. In "Defeat Unknown NEXT" however, he can hold his own against Luster 18's Ferrum Solidus, even in Hard Mode (provided you defeat the Normals escorting Ferrum Solidus first). Given the choice of allies in this particular mission, Savage Beast is a so-so choice, but is still comparatively economical.



  • There is a typo in his Order Match description on some versions of the game wherein "his big-mouthed tendencies" is replaced by "Big Mouse."



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