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Capture Mining Platform is a mission in Armored Core: Nexus. It is featured on the Revolution Disc. This mission is an extension of Defend Submarine.

Capture Mining Platform

The Raven arriving at the facility.


Client: Murakumo Millenium

Area: Ocean Mining Platform

Enemies: Combat Helos/Unknown

Objective: Eliminate Targets


Raven, we've just received a new mission request. A client is seeking our help capturing a remote ocean mining platform long thought to have been abandoned.

Ships belonging to one of Chrome's subsidiaries, R&G Industries, have been spotted plying the surrounding waters with increasing frequency. The most recent sighting was a military transport sub.

Initial indications are that the mining platform is being converted into a military outpost by R&G Industries at Chrome's behest. It seems that recent conflicts have put all involved on edge.

Murakumo's concern is the shift in power that will occur if the platform's conversion goes unchecked.


Capture Mining Platform- Hover AC

AC Gimmick Box

  • Helicopters
  • 3 Turrets
  • Gimmick Box


Transport Operator:Entering target area. Deploying AC.


The mission is split into two parts. In the first part, you have to clear the oil rig from the helicopter patrols and three turrets placed on its underside. Use the central pillar as cover against helicopter missiles. A hover AC will make it much easier to destroy the turrets under the platform. After you have eliminated all enemies, a cutscene will play, revealing an opponent AC coming your way.

In the second part, you have to face Gimmick Box - a hover AC with linear cannon arms, a missile launcher and a triple rocket launcher. There are two ways to confront Gimmick Box: either on top of the platform, or (if you have a hover AC as well) on the water under the platform. The first option is safer, as you can control the high ground and wait for the Gimmick Box to try take pot shots at you. Initially, he will fire the linear cannons, and after some hop shots he will mix in the missiles and rockets as well. He only fires once per jump. To fight him from there, it is best to circlestrafe around the pillar and shoot him at the apex of his jumps. He is especially vulnerable to missile barrages; these should be launched with some preemptive timing before he reaches the peak of his jumps, so the missiles are already underway when Gimmick Box is stopping before falling. For this, it is paramount to track his position with your FCS at all times. Hi-act and micro missiles will work especially well, as he will not dodge much, just drop like a rock after every shot he takes.

Fighting Gimmick Box on his level might be quicker, but also more risky. Although there is still cover to be found behind the structural pillars, here your opponent is going to attack with significantly more aggression, adding Exceed Orbit to his repertoire. The operational zone is also pretty tight in this mission, so taking the fight to open waters is a no go. If you want to fight Gimmick Box this way, keep retreating from him and take cover as often as possible. His linear cannon arms deliver a lot of heat per volley, and are going to slow you down fast if you cannot evade them. This approach will test your dodging skills in a hover AC, so be prepared for a nasty dogfight.

AC Gimmick Box[]

Hidden Parts[]

The booster part CR-B83TP can be found in this mission. To find it, look directly underneath the platform, on the pipes. The part is small and can be hard to spot.

The right arm laser rifle YMH07-DRAGON can also be obtained in this mission as a reward for completion.