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Capture the VIP is the seventh mission in Armored Core: Project Phantasma.


Requester: Sumika

Reward: 40000

Location: Doomsday Organization testing plant

Mission: Raid the plant

Mission Place: Evaluation Establishment

Mission Code Name: Jungle Cruise

Start Time: 0537


We have been informed that a high ranking official will be visiting
the Doomsday Organization weapon test facility in SE Amber Crown. Run
interference and capture him.

The weapon testing area is secured with both anti-aerial radar and
anti-tank land mines. Beware of these deterrents - they can prematurely
end the mission.

We will divide into two groups. You should head north from the
riverside, cross two bridges, then head west.

When the battle begins, choppers will not be able to approach the
testing plant. Ignore the enemies and keep going.




<Sumika>: "From here, we will divide into two groups and attack the laboratory from both sides. Please don’t forget about the antiaircraft radar in the area. In other words, avoid using your boosters. I will contact you soon. Commence action!

<Sumika>: "What are you doing?"

<Sumika>: "I was afraid of this. We have been detected by the radar."

<Sumika>: "The helicopter is gone. Mission failed!"

<Sumika>: "No! The land mines have been triggered."

<Sumika>: "Stand by until the helicopter arrives."

<Sumika>: "They’ve arrived? I’ll send over some images."

<Sumika>: "That man is the target! After you see him enter the structure, do it! Destroy all enemies around the warehouse."

<Sumika>: "The laboratory is under control. We will now capture the target."

<Sumika>: "Surrender! Otherwise, we will destroy the entire building."



Armored Core Project Phantasma Capture the VIP

Despite what Sumika says, you can actually use your boosters; the key is not to go into the sky. As long as you boost along the ground, you'll be fine.

As the briefing says, follow the river north. At the first bridge, you'll encounter some Tauruses driving down the path aimlessly. Blow them up; you'll get an additional amount of credits for destroying all three. At this point, some Leprechauns may be diving in to bother you; just shoot them down. It doesn't affect anything for destroying them. As you continue north, you'll also most likely encounter some Centaurs; Again, they're basically fodder. Destroy them.

Once you arrive at the second bridge, head west. Once you arrive at the base, Sumika will tell you to stand by. Stop immediately. If you enter the base, you'll "trigger the land mines" which fails the mission. Once the helicopter arrives and lands (indicated by a cutscene), then you can attack freely. Destroy the Javelins protecting the base. Once you do so, the VIP will surrender and you'll win the mission.


  • You get an additional 15000 if all enemy Taurus units are destroyed.
  • This is the first time in the Armored Core series that a human actually appears in-game.