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Caricature is an AI Ranker in the Last Raven VR Arena. It is ranked 9th.

AC Life is Mine[]

Lightweight, two-leg design equipped with a devastatingly powerful blade. The unit's mobility enables it to run circles around opponents. Equipped with the MOONLIGHT blade, an energy machine gun, a back-mounted lineargun and an inside ECM maker. The unit also has a solid-shell E.O. core for additional firepower at close range. OP-INTENSIFY enables the unit to boost for longer periods of time without running out of energy and be able to fire its back-mounted lineargun on the fly.


You would expect this guy to be very agile and mobile for a lightweight AC, and he not only is, but is also deadly in close-range combat. He'll waste no time in trying to get up close and personal with his powerful MOONLIGHT, so it's best to avoid engaging in blade battles with him, unless you are really experienced in it. Since he's also an OP-INTENSIFY user, he will also repeatedly spam lineargun shots at close-range to stun you and if you're not careful, he can also get a blade hit in, so try to dodge his lineargun shots as well. His energy machine gun, combined with his lightweight E.O. core, can also strip of a lot of AP if he connects well with them, so its best to avoid close combat with him. He also has the tendency to deploy ECM makers as well so having good ECM resistance will help. As he's a lightweight, his armor and defense are rather lacking so weapons like rapid-fire rifles or machine guns can easily take him down. Missiles work too but he does have a good VS MG response on his core so time your shots correctly.



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