Carlyle is a Raven who appears in Armored Core 2: Another Age.


AC Wonder Raid (far left).


Carlyle is seen in the final mission of AC2AA Free Rapture Orbit Elevator. He works alongside Antares, and despite outnumbering the Raven, is killed alongside Antares.

AC Wonder RaidEdit

Wonder Raid is a lightweight AC unit equipped with a rifle, grenade launcher, laser blade, turn booster extensions and an overboost core. Because he doesn't have Human PLUS he has to stop to fire his grenade launcher.


Because his unit really only uses its rifle its not really a threat and its only real danger is that its fast and can chip away at your AP. When he is out of rifle rounds, he will then try and use his grenade launcher.



  • Wonder Raid is one of the two ACs seen in Another Age's intro video.
  • A remake of Wonder Raid is seen in Armored Core: Last Raven under the name of Quartz Clock.
  • His Raven name is translated from a japanese website and is pending.
  • Wonder Raid mainly makes use of Emeraude parts.
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