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Carol Dorry
General information
Classification AI
Gender Female
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation The Corporation
Occupation Operator
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core V

Carol Dorry is one of the two main antagonists in Armored Core V. She works as Chief's Operator, and like Chief, works for the Corporation. She is voiced by Laura Bailey in the NA version and voiced by Chiaki Takahashi in the JP version.


Carol is a very stoic character, hardly showing any emotion even when faced with a dangerous situations. She is Chief's Operator in Missions 01 through 09, but appears to be the player's Operator in Mission 00. Although Carol is Chief's Operator, her suggestions and orders often get ignored. She seems quite determined to crush the Resistance at any cost, dropping down a large multi-legged AC in the middle of the city in Mission 07, and ordering an air strike on Father's tower with Father and Leon inside it.

Carol and Chief have contrasting personalities; Chief being completely dominant and taking initiative to pretty much do as he pleases, and Carol being emotionless and almost weak-willed, as she lets Chief do as he pleases without arguing.

In Mission 09, Carol and Chief's first couple lines speak of human nature and that humans are "insignificant, foolish beings". This seems to imply either Carol is an AI due to her extremely formal and almost scientific manner of speaking, or she is simply a very calm and articulate person. Neither has been proven fully.


  • In the Armored Core Verdict Day side story 'Forgotten Day', Carol and Chief are definitively identified as AIs created by the previous civilization to oversee the restoration of the human race in a manner similar to that of Nine-Ball from the original Armored Core games. One of Carol's quotes when addressing The Mercenary and Cesar Venide mirrors Hustler One's line from Master of Arena: "The two two wield too much power. You bring only chaos. As I thought, you are simply not a part of the program."
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