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Carom - Emblem
General information
Classification Human
Gender Male
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation Global Cortex
Occupation Raven
Rank C-1
Craft AC Firebird
Real world information
Appearances Silent Line: Armored Core

Carom, known as Charon Bribe in Japanese (カロンブライブ), is a Raven appearing in Silent Line: Armored Core. His rank is C-1 in the Arena. He is partnered with Shade in the Extra Arena and they hold the title of the second highest ranked team.


He appears in the mission Takeover New Fortress as a mandatory consort. He assists The Raven in defeating Mileage and 7th Heaven under Mirage's orders. Later, in the mission Qualification Exam, he along with 2 other Ravens compete for a mission assignment. Lastly, he is one of the many Ravens participating in the mission Destroy Power Core. During the mission, he recognizes that he has run out of ammo and retreats. As luck would have it, he is one of the few Ravens to survive.


Upon defeating C-3 G

Title: -[]

"Your reputation as a skilled mission specialist precedes you, but don't let it go to your head, here in the Arena you're nothing but a second-rate pilot. It would be my pleasure to show you exactly what I mean. I'll be waiting."


AC Firebird[]

Firebird is a fiery-coloured, red-orange middleweight bipedal AC, equipped with an EO core, a rifle, a laser blade, burst missiles, triple rockets, and extension solid shields. The unit is geared towards weapons that induce overheating, while using its Exceed Orbit as support. Close range capability is enhanced with its laser blade, which is even more powerful than the MOONLIGHT at the cost of having less than half the blade length.

Classification: Armored Core

AC Performance:



Overall: B


Head: CHD-02-TIE
Core: MCM-MX/002
Legs: MLM-MX/066
Booster: MBT-NI/MARE
Generator: CGP-ROZ
Radiator: RMR-SA44

Inside: -
Extension: CSS-1A-42S
Back Unit R: CWM-BM60-1
Back Unit L: MWR-TM/30
Arm Unit R: MWG-RF/220H
Arm Unit L: CLB-LS-3771

Optional parts:

Arm Weight: /
Leg Weight: /
EN Consumption: /
EN Capacity:
EN Supply:
Total Firepower:
Defensive Points:

Moving Ability:
Turning Speed:
Rising Ability:
Radar Ability:
Sensor Ability:
FCS Performance:



Pattern: Normal


Pattern: Normal

Right Arm:

Pattern: Normal

Left Arm:

Pattern: Normal


Pattern: Normal


Back Unit R: Black
Back Unit L: Yellow
Arm Unit R: Red
Arm Unit L: Black


Carom can be hired as a consort during the mission Defend Vargas Airport.

In-Game Information[]

According to fellow pilots, Carom should not be among the living. He has escaped certain death more times than anyone can recall and has never offered an explanation for this odd phenomenon. Lady Luck surely watches over this pilot.


For the final C-ranked Raven, Carom isn't actually as hard as you'd expect him to be. At first glance, his weapon loadout appears to be fairly balanced, but in practice it proves to be somewhat lacking. His only real danger lies in his rifle, which packs a deadly amount of heat stress and also fires quick, but his other weapons like his cluster missiles and rockets don't actually pose much of a threat, unless you're using a very slow AC or you're standing still. His blade, although powerful and very hot, has very short range in turn, so it's very easy to avoid this attack too, unless you actively seek melee.

Firebird lacks any real sort of anti-missile defense, so raining down a flurry of missiles on it can demolish it rather easily. Other weapons like its rifle, machine guns or handguns work well on it too. Even for a midweight bipedal, Firebird is not as mobile as the majority of the others, so hitting it is a tad easier. Firebird does equip shield extensions for extra survivability, but at the end of the day they are not that effective and hard-hitting weapons will spell trouble to Carom. While his craft might not be the weakest, it is still a far cry from a real heavy-defense AC, and is more geared towards rapid high-heat assault than real endurance combat.

Carom's preferred dodging style are characteristic, low-altitude aerial circlestrafe loops, most frequently combined with rifle fire. While this kind of "dance" maneuver can throw your aim off him to some extent with the rapid lateral changes, ultimately it is a technique that only works well in close range combat. If you stay at range, this type of dodging is not going to help Carom much.

Carom does tend to reach for the Exceed Orbit as his last resort to fend you off, but he only does so when his AC is in critical condition. However, he shouldn't be able to use it if you defeat him quickly enough.


Silent Line: Armored Core[]

Armored Core: Silent Line Portable[]


  • Despite being ranked C-1 in the Arena, the Extra Arena lists Carom as a B ranked Raven, probably because of his skill level.
  • Charon is the ferryman of the dead over the river Styx in Greek mythology. The JP name "Charon Bribe" likely refers to his ability to cheat death, or rather "bribe" Charon so as to not carry his soul to the underworld.
  • "Firebird" is an alternative title to the phoenix, a mythical bird that cyclically dies and resurrects itself in a pyre of self-created flames. Like Charon, the AC's name is likely the paired reference to Carom's ability to escape death time after time. Furthermore, AC Firebird is equipped with multiple weapons that generate intense thermal stress (most significantly the laser blade and the rifle), also tying in to the theme of fire.
  • Although Carom can be killed in the missions (especially in Qualification Exam as a part of an bonus part objective), this is a non-canon outcome, due to his appearance in the mission Destroy Power Core, which does take place later into the story and where Carom is guaranteed to survive (offscreen).
  • Carom is a Raven with one of the most frequent appearances throughout the story of Silent Line - he is featured in three missions, and is also available as a consort in one other mission.