Castoff - Emblem

Castoff's Emblem

Castoff is a Raven in Armored Core: Nexus. He is ranked 26th in the Arena.


Heavyweight tank-leg design stressing long-range combat tactics. The unit's exceed orbit weapon is used to repel those who attempt to close in.

During the events of Armored Core: Nexus, Castoff attacks and sabotages the Kisaragi bioengeering facility where the AMIDA species was developed. He fights The Raven who has been tasked by Kisaragi with destroying the Kisaragi cultivation tanks. The fight with Castoff is unavoidable as even if The Raven avoids him on the surface level of the research facility, they will fight within the destroyed facility afterward. It is possible that Castoff was ordered to destroy any witnesses of the research facility's destruction or that he simply wanted a fight. He is killed by The Raven at the research facility.

AC Sad SmileEdit

Sad Smile is a lightweight tank AC equipped with side shield extensions, a lineargun, a pulse cannon with a triple shot burst, a sniper rifle, a shell shield and an energy EO core.
AC Sad Smile

AC Sad Smile


For a tank AC, Castoff is actually relatively easy to take down, as he is mainly making use of lightweight parts that increase mobility but sacrifice durability in the process. Rapid fire weapons like dual machine guns or hard-hitting energy weapons like the Karasawa or LX cannon can easily rip him apart. It is better to kill him off at the beginning of the mission as if you avoid him, he will still show up later and you may also be hurting from fighting with the AMIDA bio-organisms, and this might leave you at a disadvantage while fighting him.




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