General information
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationTekimenistan, Independent (later)
OccupationAC Pilot
CraftAthena Uranus
Real world information
AppearancesArmored Core: Tower City Blade

Catarina is a Raven and Human PLUS subject who appears in Armored Core: Tower City Blade.


Catarina is 21 years old, although her appearance is that of a 12 year-old due to stunted growth caused by the Human PLUS treatment. As another side effect of the Human PLUS treatment, she largely unable to speak or express herself unless in a state of great emotion.

In combat she is partnered with another Raven named Lance. While he pilots the AC Ares Uranus, Catarina pilots Athena Uranus.

AC Athena UranusEdit

Athena Uranus is a lightweight AC armed with incredibly powerful energy weaponry. Because of the Human PLUS enhancements, she is able to fire the GERYON2 railgun without having to assume a stationary pose first and the performance of her AC overall is greatly boosted. Her MOONLIGHT in particular was powerful enough to cleanly bifurcate Amber Maiden VU, a well armored heavyweight unit, in one swipe. Her AC is also equipped with a new and experimental motherboard super processor that essentially allows the pilot to predict any and all moves made by their targets down to a tee. Its weakness though is that it generates too much heat for an AC's radiator to handle alone so it must rest and be used in conjunction with the TOXKAILS extension equipped by its brother unit, Ares Uranus.

  • Head: H11-QUEEN
  • Core: C03-HELIO5
  • Arms: A11-MACAQUE
  • Legs: LH06-JAGUAR
  • Booster: CR-B81
  • Generator: CR-G91
  • Radiator: 01-HAZEL
  • Inside: None
  • Extension: JREN
  • Arm Unit R: WRO5L-SHADE
  • Arm Unit L: WL-MOONLIGHT
  • Back Unit R: WB15L-GEYRON2
  • Back Unit L: None
  • Hangar R: None
  • Hangar L: None
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