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Cavern Invasion is a mission in Armored Core: Master of Arena.


Sender: Lana Nielsen

Requester: -

Reward: 0

Theater of operations: SE Isaac City Cavern

Enemy forces: AC x1, MTs (unknown number)

Objective: Destroy AC and escape

Mission Area: Wasteland

Mission Scene: Cavern

Safety Level: 81


Rumor has it, that a group of enemies have infiltrated the Cavern in the SE sector of the city.

According to our information, the Cavern is being used by a company to store important minerals. We think the enemy forces that entered the Cavern are after these minerals.

The target is a Raven AC hired as an escort. Ignore all other enemies. Seek out and destroy the AC, then escape.



[Lana Nielsen]: "Enemy AC detected...Its Evil Kiss, a member of the Sub-Arena. He is a heavy, humanoid-legged type AC equipped with a missile launcher. It’s going to be a long fight. Keep an eye on your ammo."

[Lana Nielsen]: "AC destruction verified. Evacuate immediately!"


This is one of the more difficult missions in the game, you have navigate your way through the caverns to find the target AC (he is located in a large cavern where there's water below). Along the way you will encounter many heavy MTs, which are actually dangerous and can deal serious damage to you if you are not careful. They are surprisingly mobile despite their size and also possess very high durability for an MT so it's preferable to use high power weapons against it.

Once you reach the room where Sweet Devil (the AC) is waiting, take him out as quickly as you can. Beware that there's also another heavy MT that is there with him, so you may end up momentarily switching targets.

After the AC is destroyed, make your way back to where you came from.


  • In the first room, look straight up and fly through the hole, then follow the path and go left in the room with the six gun batteries the hidden part (WX-ED2) lies on the ground in the opposite corner of the room.