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Centurion Bug

Centurion Bug

Centurion Bug is the queen organism of the Warrior Bugs found in Armored Core, The Centurion is a larger, more powerful version of her worker species.


The Centurion Bug is a Biological Weapon developed by Chemical Dyne. It is more powerful and dangerous than its smaller counterparts. It appears to be a six-legged giant ant and is roughly five times the size of the Warrior Bugs. Its only weapon is a burst shot like twin energy cannon fired from her back. Due to being biological the enemy cannot lock on to this unit unless it is equipped with a bio sensor. It also cannot be seen on the radar. Unlike the smaller organisms however, it is much less mobile and its massive size makes her an easy target.


  • Twin Energy Cannons


The Centurion Bugs appears in two missions as enemies and are being used by Chemical Dyne, an ally of Chrome, though Murakumo Millennium tries to use them against their creators. They appear in the missions: